10 Elegant Justin Timberlake Haircut Styles That Rock!

Popular Justin Timberlake Haircut Styles: The golden boy Justin Timberlake recently received a lifetime achievement award for his role in the music industry. His songs, whether old or new, are still laced with a timelessness few other artists can manage. However, another aspect of his that could easily carry home the award could be his hair. He has always been really rocking great haircuts from his early days to the present. Here we are presenting some popular Justin Timberlake haircut styles for inspiration.

Best Justin Timberlake Haircut Styles for Men

  1. Boy Band

Jutin Timberlake rocked this hairstyle back in 1999. While to some people this hairstyle was not the best, it cannot go without mentioning that it was advent of a great series of hairstyles and songs for the young Timberlake. The bleach blonde hairdo can be achieved with ease as has been seen by many other people in the celebrity circles today.

1 Justin Timberlake Blonde Bleach Hairstyle


2. Cornrows

In 2000, Timberlake was seen rocking cornrows hairstyle which made him look like a different person altogether. We can, however, agree that he looked great in such cool hairstyle that gives boyish look. No one can deny having loved his cornrows. Maybe borrowed from fellow star Sean Paul, the cornrows were very short lived on the head of Timberlake.

2 corn rows hairstyle by Justin Timberlake

3. Curly Hair

Those who recall Justin Timberlake haircut with curls in 2008 will agree that he looked great in them. His curly hair was longer than most of the Justin Timberlake hairstyles he has worn before and after that. We agree that the curls were the beginning of a mostly-natural hairdo with the benefit of having his looks tailored to his manly style. To many, this was the transition from boyhood to manhood.

3 Short Curly Hairstyle Justin Timberlake 2016



4. Buzz Cut

Surely, the next year, Timberlake was spotted with a buzz cut. The fact that this style mostly depends on the shape of the skull points to the fact that it requires careful selection. The good news was that Timberlake had shown his perfect skull shape when donning shorter hairstyles such as the cornrows. The buzz cut gave him a more manly look which made him a more serious Timberlake.

4 Short Buzz Cut Haircut Style by Justin Timberlake


5. Casual Short Waves

For the year (2006), Timberlake rocked some curls again. However, unlike the previous long curls, these ones were mostly his natural curls which had been trimmed for a better look. The sides and the back were shorter while the top had longer curls that he could style as he wanted. He had started keeping it simple with his hair.

5 Casual Short Greasy Hairstyle Justin Timberlake


6. Spikes

The boyish Timberlake would go on to show some spikes on his hair. Unlike me conventional way of spiking hair which would require the use of wet gel to make hair all crusty and hard, the style adopted by Timberlake was the Matte Spikes which a softer and easier to manage than the previous hairstyles.

6 Justin Timberlake Short Casual Haircut Styles 2016


7. Caesar Cut

For the year 2010, Timberlake adopted the Caesar cut which is one of the most refined hairstyles around. The good news about this hairstyle is that it requires little in terms of maintenance and works for all types of hair. It was easy for the naturally curled Timberlake to rock this style since it hinges on a bit of curls.

7 Simple Short Justin Timberlake Haircut 2016


8. Undercut

For a while now, Timberlake has been rocking various versions of the undercut which is a type of short hair style which allows him keep the hair short and stylish. For the most part, his undercut allows some hair at the top for styling purposes and for ease of keeping it clean. It does not take long to achieve this kind of hairstyle with the right instructions.

8 The Slicked Undercut Hairstyle by Justin Timberlake


9. Slicked Back

Another one of his most recent hairstyles is the slicked back one. Given that his hair is mostly made up of curls, it would have required the use of chemical straighteners to get this particular look. It is easy doing the straightening process as it takes about half an hour to make it perfect. The hair would then be slicked back for the best results.

9 Justin Timberlake Slicked Back Hairstyle for Men


10. Sweep

The current Justin Timberlake haircut , being a neat sweep, has proven to be one of the most demanded looks for all men in 2015 and 2016. The style is great for hair that is thick and straight. If your hair is slightly curled, it will be great too.

10 Sideswept Hairstyle by Justin Timberlake Haircuts


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