10 Hot Blowout Haircut Styles for Black Guys 2017

Blow out haircut… doesn’t hit a chord in your mind? How about its other names like Temp Fade, Brooklyn fade or Afro Blow Out? You must have definitely heard of at least one of these names especially temp fades. In blowout haircut, the hair are faded up to 2 inches height at the back and sides. The rest of the hairs are kept longer (2-6 inches) depending upon the hairstyle you gonna try.  Blowout haircut is a popular type of fade among African American black men in 2017. So if you are also planning to try this alluring black men haircut then this article will help you out to choose the best blowout haircut for yourself.

Men Blowout Haircut Designs 2017

 Fades generally have been popular since quite a time that they don’t require any definition any more. Ever been out in a stormy wind and came back home looking all blown out? If you like that look, you don’t need those powerful winds to do it for you. You can simply try blowout haircut.

Blowout or temple fade haircut is similar to very low bald fade with hairs faded slightly in front of the ear and on the neckline. The hair is usually cut very close to the skin between the temple and nape of the neck. It is no more a secret that fades offer a huge variety like dark Caesar, bald fade, high fades, low fades but if a business casual hairstyle is your kill, temple fade cut or a blowout haircut is a must try. Lack of knowledge often makes hair stylist confuse blowout hair cut with low fade cut. It is better to first ask your barber if he is familiar with blow out haircut or not. If you are aiming for perfection in this look, check out if the barber has the right tools like razors, good set of clippers, and trimmers for it.

Blowout hair cut is actually a variation of temple fade. It was the famous celebrity Pauly-D who wore this variation of temple fade and called it blowout. Pauly-D brought about the revolutionary version of temple fade haircut – the blowout haircut for men. Styling it primarily depends on hair products like gel to hold your hair and make them look all blown out by the wind. The gel and hairdryer together gives additional texture to your kinky hair.

Black men wear Blowout or temple fade style by combining it with high top fades or different afro styles to give it a unique touch. Apart from Pauly-D, Usher has also been seen sporting this amazing haircut. Blow out haircut is open to your creativity, variations and all kinds of modifications that you would like to make in order to further enhance the look.

Trends are meant to come and go. Remain fresh and relevant by keeping up or ahead of trends! Here are some pictures that will help you do so…

  1. Blown away

Blown black guy

2. Kinky blowout

black guy blown out

3. Short and simple


4. Pauly-D’s blowout

contemporary blow out

5. Curl blowout

curls blowout

6. Modern style with side fades


7. Blowout with flat top

modern blowout with flat top

8. New look with multiple shaved lines

new blow out

9. Contemporary blowout

pauly D with blow out

10. Really short from all angles

short blow out

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