12 Superb Hairstyles for Balding Men 2017

Are you tired of continuously wearing hats or buying hair loss products? It is time for you to think of getting a new hairstyle for thinning hair that will cover up your baldness. Today we are going to share best receding hairline haircuts for balding men 2017. The baldness problem can simply happen to anyone whether he is a young guy or man falling in the 50s. It did not spare the Hollywood heart throbs, but they have got good hair stylists. You can say that they are expert in styling the hair in way that not only hides bald patches but also make them look their best. In this blog post we will allow you to discover best hairstyling ideas to cover up baldness. Just read on.

There are many guys out there who think that their baldness portrays to the world that there is something wrong with them. Fine you are going bald. But that’s not a big deal. You still haven’t completely lost your way to looking good or enjoying the best hairstyles others guys enjoy. All you have to know is which hairstyle to choose to to cover baldness and receding hairlines.

Combover hairstyles has been there since forever in terms of hairstyles for balding men. The classic combover may not be considered that cool as it gives vibes of the pure uncle or dad look. However, there is a lot of variation to this hairstyle today. You can sport an undercut hairstyle with it which almost makes it look like a breed of Mohawk. You could go for a temple fade with combover as well with the hair swept to one side that fills up the receding hair line.

One handy tip for balding guys is that they should try to sport short haircuts more rather than longer ones. You can shave your sides while you grow out your top hair into a Mohawk or spike it up or just turn it a bit messy. Want to give yourself more presence? Then shave off all the hairs and go completely bald. Although this might not be the best option for everyone. If you are someone who has thinning hair up at front but have tons of the them on the back and sides, textured cropped cut can be great. Get your haircut in layered form that will blend the with the leftover hair and cover up your receding hairline. The popular buzz cut is another good option to conceal your bald spots. Military hairstyles are a way-to-go as well for balding guys.

It doesn’t matter how little hair you are left with because of your stupid genes or external factors… These men hairstyles for thinning hair will certainly help you boost your confidence by covering the bald patches & making you stand out of the crowd.

Best Haircut Styles for Balding Men

 1. Buzzed hairstyle


2. The Crew cut hairstyle

Crew cut style

3. Cropped short hairstyle for thinning hair

cropped short for thinning hair

4. Facial hair does the compensation

Facial hair does the compensation

5. Perfect haircut for receding hairline

for receding hairline

6. Best men hairstyle for round faces


7. Short Haircut or Chubby Face

Best hairstyles for balding men

8. Best bald haircut for black guys

Military style

9. Short Combover going-bald hairstyle

short combover

10. Full head shaved style

THe bold one

11. Classy balding men hairstyle

Hairstyles for men with receding hairline

12. Faded short sides hairstyle

Short sides hairstyles for balding men

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