15 Superb 1950’s Mens Hairstyles Vintage Collection

1950’s hairstyles have made a strong come back today with men preferring more and more of vintage hairstyles. If you are one of them, keep on reading this blog as it’s specifically for you. Many of 1950’s mens hairstyles are still popular and become trendy in 2016. People use to follow the style and fashion of old celebrities especially their hairstyles.

There were many actors and celebrities who fanned the winds of vintage hairstyle trends in men. Many of the hairstyles that have evolved to what they are today have their roots in the fifties. The famous pompadour hairstyle is just one such example of old 1950s hairstyles.

One thing you might notice in fifties fashion is that men were more inclined towards wearing short hairstyles. Short hairstyles have never been out of fashion since that time and people still love to adopt haircuts like crew cut, ivy league and fades.

Vintage inspired looks have seen a lot of surge lately. Guess what? Even the greasy look or the ultimate wet look was introduced back in the 50s. Black & White, Murray’s superior and Royal Crown were among the most famous hair styling products of the 50s that are still being used for vintage hairstyles. They aided in creating neat and shiny looks. Bad boys of the 1950s who offered inspiration for the greasers were Marlon Brandon and James Dean along with Elvis Presley.

It would be pure injustice if I talk about nineteen fifties without mentioning Elvis Presley’s rockabilly style today commonly known as pompadour. The classic pompadour is a perfect business casual hairstyle that requires very less maintenance. Getting the classic pompadour style is very simple. Just apply ample amount of pomade using fingers and slick back the hair from one side using wide tooth comb. The hair on top can be styled to get the poufy look along with some loose strands on your forehead to make it look flawlessly authentic.

Bela Lugosi well known for his role as a Dracula gave much popularity to the slicked back hairstyle. Its an easy hairstyle & all you need to do is just comb back your hair. Today, the gels are a perfect option for giving your hair some hold while it was the styling creams that did the job in fifties.

On the other hand actors like Cary Grant and Clark gable went for conservative look associated with being responsible, settled and stable men. They wore simple haircuts side parted to one side. Side part is just another big name among the classic haircuts of 1950’s. Then there were flattop and crew cut as well that were associated with the military men.

15 Best 1950’s Vintage Hairstyles for Men

Here are some great 1950’s men hairstyles to give you some insight!

1. The stable man look


2. Decent 1950s hairstyledecent 50s style

3. Bela Lugosi Dracula slick backBela_Lugosi_hairstyle

4. Cary Grant wavy comb over Cary-Grant-1950s-

5. The 50s hipster moustachescool whiskers look

6. The settled side part hairstylesettled man look

7. Don Draper Formal hairstyledondraperformalhairstyle

8. Elvis Presley Quiff 1956 hairstyleElvis-Hairstyles1956

9. Elvis Presley 1950s hairstyleelvis-presely-50s-hair-styles-min

10. Ultimate greaser lookGreaser-1950selvis-presely-50s-hair-styles

11. Classic 1950s hair stylemens-classic-1950s-hairstyle

12. Classic pompadour hairstylepompadour-ool-rockabilly-haircu

13. Retro hairstylesRetro-Hairstyles-for-Men-

14. Rockabilly hairstyle for guysrockabilly

15. Wavy slicked back lookwavy slicked back

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