1940’s Men’s Hairstyles Vintage Collection

The men who were setting the fashion and hairstyle trends in the 1940s were raised in the era of the great depression when people generally had nothing. There were no jobs, no safety, no money, no food and no comfort. Still they introduced the most inspiring hairstyles that are still adopted by guys in 2017.

The 1940’s men hairstyles were further influenced by the golden age of the cinema, the fascinating jazz music, World War II as well as the urban culture. The old vintage 1940’s hairstyles were usually short, conservative, conventional, in contrast with the hairstyles of 1930’s. Let’s take a closer look at them:

The Military Haircut

The well-known 1940’s military haircut was widely spread all around the world during World War II, and it was a projection of the culture, the dress code and the lifestyle of men throughout the entire decade. In times of despair, mankind has no time to be emotional, thus men chose practical short hairstyles, which could easily be taken good care of.

These include the crew cut, the flat top, and the buzz cut. The buzz cut haircut has short cropped hairs on the entire head. Combining it with the fact that the electric clippers came out to the market around the same time, the popularity of short buzz cut and other military hairstyles kept on increasing in 40s.

Short Buzz Cut Vintage Hairstyle of 1940's

The flat top haircut requires short side and the top hair are cut to the same length to form a flat top. It is a very dashing hairstyle that’s again getting popular in 2017 among young boys. The sides can be cut short or complete buzzed with clippers while keeping the top hair longer but of same length. With all honesty, the hairstyle can be called as “hammerhead” rather than “flat top” as it looks like some one just hammered the head to form this bold look.

1940's Flat Top Hairstyle for Men

The crew cut is the standard military style adopted by military people all around the world. It has extremely short hair on the sides and the back, and a bit of extra length at the front.

The 1940's Crew Cut Hairstyle for Men

A Thing to Keep Into Consideration

The above mentioned haircuts were not only adopted by military people but also civilans loved to carry such short hairstyles to keep themselves cool in hot summer season. As the trend of short military haircuts is reviving in 2017, therefore, buzz cut, crew cut and flat top hairstyles are getting back in fashion. The third one is particularly more common among African american black men as it suits their hair texture very well.

The Duck-Tail Hairstyle

The duck-tail hairstyle is another trendy look that is setting new trends in men’s fashion industry. In this look, the hair are kept relatively longer and quite high on the top which are swept towards the sides and back (slicked back) to form a duck -tail like look. It was introduced by the elite gentry and was quite common in the 1940s decade.  This 1940’s hairstyle represented the wild youth and initially it was introduced by Joe Cirello in 1940.

Long Duck Tail Haircut for Guys

Retro Men's Duck Tail Hairstyle Vintage Collection

You might be wondering what about beards of 1940’s decade? Well, the beard trend was not that much popular in 1940’s and men preferred to be clean shaved. Still, may people used to adopt different mustache styles as you can see from the given photos. The beards were originally came into fashion in the late 1950’s.

Popular Vintage Hairstyles of 1940’s Era

The following hairstyles were commonly adopted by people of 1940’s era and they even started to reappear during the late 20th, the early 21st century in the pop culture. Let’s Have a look at the 10 popular 1940’s hairstyles for men.

  1. The Wavy Fringe Hairstyle for Men

The Wavy Fringe Hairstyle for Men

2. The Wavy Comb Over Vintage LookThe Wavy Comb Over Vintage Look

3. The Greasy Slicked Hairstyle for GuysThe Greasy Slicked Hairstyle for Guys 2017

4. The Center Parted Hairstyle of 1940’sThe Center Parted Hairstyle of 1940's

5. Slicked Back Hairstyle with Receding HairlineSlicked Back Hairstyle with Receding Hairline

6. Short Slicked 1940’s Hairstyle for MenShort Slicked 1940's Hairstyle for Men 2017

7. The Sidepart Hairstyle for MenShort Sidepart Hairstyle for Men 2017

8. Side Swept Pompadour Hairstyle for GuysShort Side Swept Pompadour Hairstyle for Guys

9. Simple & Clean Pompadour Hairstyle for MenShort Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

10. Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle of 1940’sMedium Length Wavy Hairstyle of 1940's

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