Cool Vintage Hairstyles for Men: 1950’s Collection

The 1950’s vintage hairstyles making strong comeback in 2016. Undoubtedly they are here to stay forever giving men option to go for polished and classic look. No matter how much men’s hairstyles evolves and how many variations the contemporary hair stylists come up with. More and more men’s vintage hairstyles from the fifties are here around the corner. Many celebrities and actors of the 1950s era kindled the light of staple hairstyle trends in men.

It is no surprise that many of the today’s hairstyles have roots in fifties. Back then men sported short hair more than long ones since short ones were considered decent & more elegant. Also people used to adopt medium to long length hair styles with different variations like the classic pompadour and slick back look. Here in this article we are sharing some popular 1950’s vintage hairstyles for men that are getting trendy in 2016.

Vintage inspired 1950’s hairstyles for men are outpouring with a style statement these days. Did you know that the greasy look or the sexy wet look actually originated in the 1950s? Murray’s Superior, Royal Crown, Black & White were the oil and wax based pomades utilized to style vintage hairstyles. These products offered such a strong hold that they actually needed a dish detergent or a de-greasing shampoo to be washed out. Generally, the 1950’s hairstyles were long and slick with occasional curls, swoops and creative waves. James Dean and Marlon Brandon were the bad boys of the 50s who fired up these vintage hairstyles for boys by fanning the winds of Greaser trends.

Are you sure you don’t remember the Dracula of the fifties who was extremely famous for his slick back hairstyle? Yes, it is Bela Lugosi I am talking about. You can go for gels today to hold your hair in place. Hair styling creams were used for this purpose in the fifties. Slick back is an ultimate vintage hairstyle look. Do you want to give yourself a perfect business look or maybe you want to revive the old back to school dandy hairstyle? Classic slick back is it. It was very common among Hollywood actors in the 1950s. For this look, you might want to go for a high quality pomade like Layrite Super hold. Strong hold pomades may be hard to wash off, but not this one.

Bela Lugosi

Then there were actors like Clark Gable and Cary Grant, who opted for short classic hairstyles that was meant for men with certain characteristic like being well settled, stable and responsible. What do conservative vintage hairstyle of 1950s are bound to make you look like? One word, sophisticated. They went for simple hair styles like the side part. A classic side part hairstyle lies at the center of majority of classic looks.

You can choose either the right or the left temple, whichever side you are comfortable with. You can even add  a quiff to this look on the forelock and maintain the gentleman look. A good water soluble pomade like Suavecito pomade is highly recommended for a strong hold & a little wet look that’s typically reminiscent of the 1950s hairstyles.  Although it doesn’t offer that much shine like Layrite.

side part with voluminous gelled front

Walking the trail of the 1950s hairstyles for men, you simply cannot miss out on Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley doesn’t only hit blue jeans and leather jackets in mind, but also the greased vintage hairstyles. Guess where the pompadour hairstyles of today find their roots in? Yes, the rockabilly, which Elvis Presley was immensely famous for. For this hairstyle, you need to damp your hairs first and then use a pomade to slick back the sides.

The hair on top are made to look longer by adding volume to them and leaving few loose locks on the forehead just like the typical 50s hairstyle. You can style it using the matte Baxter of California Clay or the shiny rockabilly favorite Layrite. You can even style greasy hair in a way that it looks both coiffed and messy.

elvis vintage look

Then there was the classic side swept 1950’s hairstyle for guys. Very similar to the classic slick back with hair slicked flat on top. Here you go with a trail of 1950s vintage hairstyles never to go out of fashion…

Best 1950’s Vintage Hairstyles for Men

1. George Brent’s Slick back

George Brent Slick back

2. The great whiskers look with voluminous hairs

Great whiskers look

3. Grande Gatsby style

Grande Gatsby style

4. Mad Men Classic Look


5. Leonardo Dicaprio Classic Hairstyle

the_great_gatsby Leonardo

6. Sean Connery hairstyle from 1958

Sean Connery 1958

7. Rockabilly with loose locks on forehead

rockabilly with loose locks on forehead

8. Vintage side part hairstyle

Robert Redford sidepart

9. Wet look Clark Gable

Wet look of Clark Gable

10. Gary Cooper’s 1950s Hairstyle


11. Short gangster hairstyle

Decent short hairstyle

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