20 Fabulous Medium to Long Hairstyles for Men

While shorter hair may be more manageable, medium to long hairstyles opens doors for more creativity and styling options to experiment for you and hair stylists. Did you know 1970s and 1990s happen to be the most shaggiest haired ones in the history of men’s hairstyle trends? So it doesn’t come as a surprise when we are seeing an upsurge in longer hair trends mostly medium and long and the in between. Men’s long hairstyles are becoming trendy in 2016. You just have to catch up on LCM shows and grab hold of glossy men’s magazine to get to know that. Men are simply done with fade haircuts. Yes, you will notice short sides and back, but it’s actually a longer choppy crop.

Guys are even growing it as long as Chris Hemsworth from the movie Thor, but that look doesn’t work well with everyone. It is not just about whether you personally like it or not. The thing is you actually need a fine hair type to successfully achieve the killer medium to long hairstyle look. It is a good idea to allow your hair to grow and keep checking out what suits you best when you are in the in-between stage of medium to long length.  Take some time out with your hair stylist to take some advice on what will go well with your face shape when it comes to medium to long hairstyles.

Chris Hemsworth from Thor

When it comes to styling medium to long hairstyles, as a general rule less is more. You can make use of a bit of texturizing salt spray if you want more of a disheveled look. Generally, medium to long hairstyles look flawless when you don’t fuss much with them by  avoiding use of hair products.

Men’s bob hairstyle have been a hit since 1970s. It comes in a variety of forms and is worn by men of all ages. Bob hairstyles are no more just a woman hairstyle. Guess what makes it better than shorter hairstyles? You can simply tie long bobs up into a ponytail or make a semi-bun or a man bun out of it in case you are having a bad hair day. One of the biggest inspirations for man bob is Kurt Cobain, who sported grungy an messy bob in the 90s.


If you have thin or fine hair, layer cut is bound to add more texture and volume to your hair. Does it remind you of a Spanish player who has long worn it as his signature look? Sergio Ramos had long and layered hair. You can take your straightener out and straighten your hairs or maybe add some curls or waves to it. You can even turn it into a messy layered haircut.

sergio_ramos long and layered

Shaggy hairstyle looks great on medium to long length of hair, although it can be sported on any hair length and hair type. It runs extremely easy on maintenance and styling. It makes a great casual as well as formal look. You will need a good pomade or gel to style your hair in case you have very silky hair.

straight shag

It simply doesn’t end here with medium to long hairstyles. You can even wear your straight or curly long hair naturally. Take a comb and side part your hair. These curls look great with their black undertones. Trying highlights or subtle low lights on dark medium to long hair look great like this one. Trying out a different hair color on longer hair makes it more prominent.

Casual highlighted curls

If you are on the look out for intricate and exceptional hairstyles, you can try the dreadlocks which works equally well on both medium and long hairs. Longer dreadlocks will let you show off with the passage of time and the hard work it took you. Its the best medium to long hairstyle for black men. You can even curl them to bring in more texture.

long dreadlocks

Here you go with a gallery of fabulous hairstyles to opt from….

out grown razor cut

Sexy layers 2016



Medium wavy haistyle

Man bun


Brown long haircut with beard

long bangs on medium haircut

long asiansleek look

Jhonny depp's bob hairsytles

Hot curls

Ravishing Feather cut

Bradley Cooper's cool medium hairstyle

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