20 Popular Toddler Boy Haircuts for Kids 2018

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6. Spiky hairstyle for kids

This is an easy and fun up-you-go look for your high spirited, mischievous and fun child. All you need is some gel and little patience in your child while you give your child’s hair some height. A perfect hairstyle for kids with chubby faces.

funky kid

7. Ultimate hipster look

Feel like making your kid look like a superstar? This ultimate hipster look will do exactly that. Who knows, he even goes on to become a real child star!


8. Long EMO hairstyle for kids

Only go for this look if your child can carry long hairs well and is not constantly irritated by it. This feathery boys haircut works great with kids having particularly round face shape.

Long hairstyle

9. Long shaggy hairstyle

The inborn innocence is the key to making your child look superb in this long shaggy hairstyle. Their angelic faces are further beautified by this layer featured hairstyle.

long shaggy

10. Blonde long spikes for little boys

What a cuteness-radiating hairstyle for kids! Just pull up the soft hair using a gel to give it longer height.

long spikes

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