20 Popular Toddler Boy Haircuts for Kids 2018

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11. Medium length toddler hair style

Now this is a classic hairstyle for little kids. Don’t keep chopping off your child’s hair short. Let them grow and side part it to enhance their angel like features.

medium length

12. Messed up cuteness

This is an ultimate messed up cuteness look. All you need is a little gel and use your fingers to mess up the hairs. You can easily style it while your child keeps running here and there.

messed up cutenes

13. Short pompadour hairstyle

Want to make your child look as if he is endowed with great wisdom in a few years time of treading this earth? Then this is it!

short pompadour

14. Rough hairstyle for little kids

This happens to be the ultimate messy hairstyle for kids with a mere whisk of fingers through your hair along with some gel.

toddler raised up hair

15. Toddler undercut hairstyle

Awww! Now just look at these innocent big eyes coupled with a mature undercut hairstyle. It’s a killer combination. Isn’t it?


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