20 Popular Toddler Boy Haircuts for Kids 2018

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16. Curly Faux hawk Hairstyle for Kids

It’s often difficult to exercise creativity with soft and naturally curly hairs but no more. Get the benefit of curly brown hair of your child and style it up into a curly faux hawk hairstyle!

Curly Fauxhawk Hairstyle for Kids

17. Mohawk Hairstyle

The duo of rebellious mohawk and your kid’s innocence is more than perfect for showering them with a huge number of kisses.

Mohawk Hairstyle for Kids

18. Shaggy hairstyle with bangs

If your child has soft and silky hairs, try some bangs on him. He will surely love the style and freedom he enjoys in it!

Shaggy Hairstyle for Toddlers

19. Sidepart Hairstyle

Another cool yet simple toddler boy haircut. Add the ‘being all so wise’ trait in your child by a mere sweep of hairs to one side, whichever side suits him more.

Sidepart Hairstyles for Toddlers

20. Long Curls for kids

Don’t be afraid of the crazy coils your child is blessed with. Just let it grow a little and see the irresistibly cute and unique curly hairstyle look.

Long Curls for Kids

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