30 Best Thinning Hair Hairstyles for Men 2017

If you are facing issues of thinning hair with age or you just have it genetically, the best method to compensate for it is pick a thinning hair hairstyle. A hairstyle that goes with your pattern of hair loss instead of worrying and losing the little hair that you are left with. In today’s drastically changing fashion trends, fortunately there are tons of men hairstyles for thinning hair that you can look out for.

There are various patterns of thinning hair like the widow’s peak, the bald spot or the receding hairline. The issue of thinning hair even among young guys is not uncommon anymore. It is normal for boys to have hair thinning issues with age. Some men just have thin hairs genetically and not as thick as they might want them to be. This is not a really big issue only if you know how to tackle it right. We have arranged a list of 30 receding hairline hairstyles to grab your attention and help you eliminate the problem of finding the right hairstyle for your thinning hair.

One of the biggest mistake that guys make to fill up the gap is that they grow out their hair long. However, the truth is the shorter you keep your hair, the lesser the chances of showing off your bald patches. You can save yourself by jumping into the latest trends and embracing your thinning hair. There are countless possibilities, from slicked back variants to messy styles. These receding hairline hairstyles help to camouflage the appearance of hair loss.

Are you facing the issue of receding hairline that keeps moving up your forehead? You don’t have to hide your peaked hairline. Just slick it back by adding some volume to your hair. You can just have hair of one to two inches long on the top of the head and neatly slicked back. This happens to be a perfect choice for guys who have just begun to have thinning hair at the crown. You can slick the hair across rather than back in case of a receding hairline.

It also looks great with loose fringes lying on the forehead. Make the most out of your hair with slicker hair since the trend of slicked back hairstyles going strong in 2016. But choose a matte product for the slick instead of a wet one. You can use a medium hold hair product like Imperial Barber Matte Pomade Paste which will add thickness and texture to your hair.

The ultimate slick back

Just like slick hair, another great hair style category for thinning hair is the messy hairstyles. The reason that they look so good is because it just goes in all directions which immensely helps in covering your scalp. Don’t do the vertical (straight up!) spikes because you will end up with look that seems even thinner.

To achieve a fuller look, make sure you have short sides and longer hair on top and the longest at the hairline. Some stylist even do some layering to not only enhance the texture, but the dimension of hair as well. You can use texturizing product such as Billy Jealousy Lunatic Fringe.

Ruffled hairs with short sides ruffled look for high forehead

Inspiring Thinning Hair Hairstyles 2016

Here are some trendy hairstyles for thinning hair to curb all your hair loss worries and enlighten you with the latest hairstyles …

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