35 Popular Dreadlock Styles for Black Men

These days, dreadlocks are a very popular hairstyle for the black men. But you cannot expect plain dreadlocks to make you stand apart from crowd. There are so many dreadlock hairstyles these days, and you can choose any of them to look different. Also, when you are bored of your look but you still want your dreadlocks to stay intact, you can try changing the style. Go through this list of popular types of dreadlocks for guys..

Amazing Dreadlocks for Guys

  1. Double Toned

This style has the potential to make you instantly attractive to the crowd. It changes your look entirely.


  1. Short Dreads

When you just start growing your dreads, you can opt for this short spiky dreadlocks hairstyle.


  1. Braided Dreads

When your dreads grow long enough that you can braid them, go for this one.


  1. Side Falling Dreads

If you don’t tie up your long dreads on the back of your head, they would hang loosely over the sides and it would look sexy.


  1. Curly Dreads

Nothing is sexier than a combination of curly hair and dreadlocks. It would make your hair get curled up and it looks amazing on black men.


  1. Dreadlock Bun

Yes, this is a no-so-common black men hairstyle but if you can master it, you would look fabulous. And we’re sure you can manage to impress many girls with this man bun hairstyle.


  1. Dreads in Ponytail

The hack with this African American hairstyle is that you can use one of your dreads and use it to tie your hair, so that it serves the purpose of a rubber band. And if you pair it up with a beard, this style looks awesome.


  1. Dreadlocks with Shaved Sides

If you shave your sides, the dreadlocks would appear as if they are starting from top and going to the back. Its another modern dreadlocks style popular in 2017.

Dreadlocks with shaved sides hairstyles black men

  1. Really Long Dreads

Once your dreads reach a good length, don’t stop growing them. Instead, let them reach even more length, as longer dreads are in fashion these days. It would definitely look amazing.


  1. Web of Dreads

You don’t need to tie them cleanly in a ponytail or bun hairstyle. Dreads are meant to be messy and if you like to go for messy hairstyles, you can go for this web of dreadlocks.


  1. Dread Updo Hairstyle

Though this style would take the help of a professional, it looks really good on black men.


  1. Full Hair Dreads

Sometimes, dreads start from the back of the head. If you style your hair in such a way that the dreads start from the front itself, it would look even more amazing.


  1. Blonde Dreadlocks

If you are bored of the natural color of your hair, you can try this blonde dreads style. This looks amazing on the African skin tone.

Blonde dreadlocks professional hairstyles for men 2017

  1. Thicker Dreadlocks in Ponytail

It might be a good idea to go for thicker dreads and then tie them up in a ponytail so that they become easier to maintain.


  1. Long Thick Dreadlocks

Instead of tying the hair in a ponytail, you can also let them loose. But you need to be able to maintain them like that. Grow your hair long so that they stay in place.


  1. Hipster Dreads

This classic hairstyle goes well on all face shapes and you can pair it up with accessories to enhance the hipster look.

hipster-dreads-hairstyles for black men

  1. Freestyle Dreads

For those looking for dread styles for short dreads, this can be a good option. Let your hair be cut in uneven dreads and let it be in a freestyle. Young men would like this dreadlocks hairstyle a lot.


  1. Messy Updo

Who said the updo has to be neat and clean? If you like a tough look, try this one. A cool haircut for black guys.


  1. Groomed Dreadlocks

Those guys who want a clean and groomed look would love this long hairstyle. Your hair appears straightened and the dreads appear healthy as well.


  1. Medium Length Dreadlocks

The medium length dreadlocks give you a clean look. The dreads cover your ears and aren’t too short either and looks funky.


  1. Twisted Dreadlocks

If you like it twisted, start from the top of your head and twist the locks. It will give you a nice look.

Hairstyles For Men With Dreads Twist Dreads For Men Men Hairstyle Trend Within Mens Dreadlocks

  1. Tied Up Dreadlocks

This is yet another way to style those freely hanging dreadlocks. You just need to take a couple of them and tie them up on the sides. And then continue till all the locks are covered.


  1. Braided-from-Scalp Dreadlocks

Braiding is yet another way of styling your dreads. It makes your scalp look lighter and manages your hair well. You can also opt to tie the back of your hair in a ponytail. If you have enough time for styling then this is a good option for you. Checkout this amazing braided dreads hairstyles for men.


  1. Twisted Ponytail

A good idea would be to make a long ponytail hairstyle and then start twisting the dreads from the back of your head till the end of your dreads.


  1. Dreads with Buzzy Appearance

This is a very sexy look and you should certainly give it a try. If you wear contact lenses of a different color from the natural color of your eyes, you can change your look completely. Yet another stylish hipster hairstyle for guys.


  1. Twisted Mohawk

Yes, it is entirely possible to create a Mohawk hairstyle out of dreads. Do it like this!


  1. Zigzag dreadlocks Hairstyle

When you have dreads, it would be very easy to go for the zigzag hairstyle. And when you want to stand out from the crowd, no other hairstyle can compete with this one.


  1. Short Dreads with Side Fades

This hairstyle is good for those who don’t want very long dreads. And the side fades would give a unique look.


  1. Black Bandana Dreadlocks

You would need a black bandana along with this man bun dreadlocks hairstyle to form a stunning combination. It will look amazing as hell!


  1. Cold Blooded Dreads

This hairstyle has an advantage that once you get it done, you don’t have to maintain it at all. Since your dreads are uneven anyway, they would arrange themselves.


  1. Curls Tied at Back

Long curls look good on black men. And if you want to look decent, you can just tie them at the back.


  1. Long Waves

Get this long wavy black men hairstyle done from your barber and you are ready to rock that beach party!


  1. Dreadlocks with Colored Tips

This is a nice hairstyle to go for. Get the ends of dreads dyed in a different color than the rest of your hair for a funky look.


  1. Short at Front

You can also try a combination of short and long dreads. Keep it short at front and longer at the back. Checkout this american dreadlocks hairstyle.


  1. Side Swept Dreads

Medium length dreads can be pulled up in this hairstyle. Get it swept on one side and you would look cool.


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