Top 30 Adam Levine Haircut and Hairstyles

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Adam Levine is an american singer and song writer who is very popular for his hairstyles among men. The celebrity has adopted a number of cool hairstyles and boys love to adopt cool Adam Levine haircut styles. After a brief intro, let me share some cool Adam Levine hairstyles that you guys will love.

Adam Levine has had quite the career. Since he started performing with his band Maroon 5, he’s had number one songs, won awards and taken to the stage in front of huge crowds all over the world. He’s also become a household name by appearing on the TV show The Voice.

While his amazing singing voice, musical talent and personality have remained the same year after year, one thing has changed dramatically with the passage of time–his hair! Adam’s never been afraid to try out new looks and is proof that a man can use his hair to express himself.

This Adam Levine haircut history is a look back at some of his most striking hairdos.

Best Adam Levine Haircut Styles for Guys

  1. The Buzz

In 2007, Adam went for the military inspired closely-shorn buzz cut, which he showed off at the American Music Awards. The haircut was complemented by a neatly groomed beard. Some men worry about how the shape of their head will look with a style like this, but Adam pulled it off!

Adam Levine Buzz Cut Hairstyle


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