30 Adorable Bowl Cut Hairstyles for Guys

Bowl cut hairstyles are no doubt cool and stylish. And the best thing about them is that they suit all face shapes. There are many variations of the trendy bowl cut. Men with long hair can try various styles of this short haircut. Further, the bowl cut hairstyle can be worn with short hair as well. So, men with short hair need not worry about growing their hair long.

No matter what your age is, a bowl cut hairstyle will suit you. If you are looking for what is trending these days then this list will help. Check out this list of stylish bowl cut haircut styles for guys and find out your style!

Cool Bowl Cut Hairtyles for Boys

  1. Front Fringes

Who said fringes are for girls. Guys can rock with this front fringe hairstyle which is a nice variation of traditional bowl cut.

a-bowl-cut-hairstyle for Boys

  1. Medium Sized Bowl

This hairstyle will make you look very sober. The flat top will give a smooth appearance and the falling sides will add the element of adorable style.


  1. Hipster Bowl Cut

This is similar to a regular bowl hairstyle. The only difference is that the hair are combed straight. If you wear a mustache along with this hairstyle, it would look amazingly hipster.

3-hipster-male-hairstyles bowl cut

  1. No-swept Bowl

You can cut your hair in bowl style with a trimmer on sides and back. Do not sweep them to any side. So the randomly falling hair look great.


  1. Side-Swept Bowl

People will notice this party look even from distance. Just grow some hair and style the fringes by sweeping them to one side.


  1. Curly Bowl

It is the time to get out of the misconception that bowls are not for curly hair. Get this modern curly bowl cut today that resembles the modern undercut.


  1. Blonde Hair Style with tail

The perfect cut when you are going for a holiday! This cut would look amazing over the fair skinned guys.


  1. Undercut Look

Undercuts have the power to make you look way more confident. Have a look at this neat undercut hairstyle.


  1. Neat Tapered Bowl

This cut is very neat. The sides can be shaved off for a cleaner look and the bangs are styled with some hair product and comb.


  1. Colored Bangs

A normal bowl haircut with just the front bang colored. You can go for a combination of two or three colors to look funky.


  1. Faded Style

This short bowl cut is thick at top and is sparse as it reaches bottom. This gives a fading effect & looks amazing with light beard and mustache.


  1. Textured Bowl

If you got long hair then this magical cut will definitely look superb on you. Get your hair textured and side swept them over the forehead. You are ready to rock the party!


  1. The Classic Bowl

The biggest advantage of classic style is that it suits all kinds of face shapes. Have a look at this decent hairstyle for boys.


  1. Sexy Bowl

A variation of the front fringes, let some of your hair strands fall on your eyes. You would look absolutely sexy.


  1. Uneven Hair

There is no need to cut your hair at particular length. Go for this uneven short bowl cut and stand out of the crowd. Its one of the best example for traditional back to school hairstyles.

15-uneven-hair-bowl-cut-men hairstyle for big forehead

  1. Medium Length Haircut Look

You would be the crush of many girls once you adopt this medium length bowl hairstyle.


  1. Low Fade Style

Give your hair the famous mushroom cut. But make sure you leave little space at the edges. This smart look gets enhanced when you wear it with beard.


  1. Short Layered Hair Style

Gone are the days when only girls had layer cuts. Even the guys can go for these layers while choosing a new hairstyle.


  1. Thick Bangs

This is a popular Korean hairstyle for men as it blends well with their face features. Bowl cut really looks alluring if you got fine hair and this is a perfect example of that.


  1. Marine Bowl

For the trendy college going guys, marine bowl is the perfect hairstyle. If you have any fun event coming up, go for this hairstyle and your friends will love it.


21. The Kids Style

The classic bowl cut was specifically adopted by kids and look great on their cute face. Have a look at this handsome kid with smooth shiny hair.


22. Rockstar Look

You can see this guy adopting another classic version with some highlights that look stunning.


23. The Silver Blonde Look

You can get your hair dyed to silver blonde color in order to enhance the look of this short hair cut. Certainly this works best for college guys.


24. Slick Back Undercut

The traditional slick back undercut hairstyle is another variation of modern bowl cut. Grow your beard to medium length for a professional look.


25. The Messy Fringes

You might have noticed that most of the these haircuts are straight and simple. You can get a modern look too by getting your sides faded instead of shaved and spreading the fringes over forehead and sides in messy style.


26. The Zig Zag Style

This undercut hairstyle  with zig-zag shaped cut at back adds to the beauty of bowl cut.


27. The Mid Part Look

Get your hair dyed brown and center part them after getting bowl haircut for an inspiring look. This will surely make you stand out of the crowd.


28. The Shaved off Sides and Back

Another simple styling option that requires very less maintenance and look stunning at the same time.


29. Long Top Undercut

If you are looking for a professional short hairstyle then here is a perfect fit for you. The hair on top are kept long while sides and back are medium length faded. An easy to carry bowl cut for men.


30. Ultimate Hipster Look

Here comes another variety of stylish bowl cut for hipster guys who always do something different and get distinction.

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