Top 10 Anthony Davis Haircut Styles

Anthony Davis is a professional basketball player from USA who plays the power forward and center positions very well. Anthony Davis Haircut styles are a source of great inspiration for his fans especially the African-American ones. This basketball star has introduced a variety of short curly hairstyles for black men. Ranging from Short Afros to the latest drop fade cuts, Anthony adopted various kinds of haircuts and all these styles suit him very well. So let’s have a look at some of his notable hair styles.

Best Anthony Davis Haircut Styles

1- The Curly Buzzed Haircut

This is a simple curly hairstyle with short buzzed sides. A thin strip of beard is kept on the face that merges with the slim side burns. Anthony used to adopt this style a few years ago and it suits him very well.

The Curly Buzzed Haircut for Guys

2- Short Curly Hairstyle with Curvy Shaved Live

This is somewhat rough or casual hairstyle that features low fades with messy top. A short curvy line is formed on the front with a razor to finish the look of this hairstyle. It is a very simple and nice hairstyle for African-American black men.

Short Curly Hairstyle with Curved Shaved Line on Front

3- Short Cropped Haircut By Anthony Davis

Here comes fully buzzed look of Anthony that seems cool and stylish at the same time. It is a perfect summer haircut to beat the summer heat. The hair all over the head are kept short (buzzed) and the sides are little faded.

Short Cropped Haircut by Anthony Davis

4- Low Fades Haircut with Light Beard

Anthony’s face expressions as seen in below picture show that he is fully involved in game. See how this guy maintains his look with a nicely trimmed beard, whiskers and Afro on top.
Low Fades with Beard

5- Cool & Clean Geometric Cut

The trend of geometric haircut for black men is reviving and now these are being styled in various formats. Recently Davis also got a geometric haircut design that looks perfect on him due to his facial features. Although this haircut requires regular trimming and maintenance but the response which you get with this is totally worth it.

Cool & Clean Geometric Cut

6- Short and Simple Cut for Boys

If you want to go for classic black men’s hairstyles then this Afro can be good choice to go with. Its a regular Afro in which hairs are cut evenly all over the head to form a simple yet elegant look.

Anthony Davis Short Simple Haircut for Black Men

7- Anthony Davis Low Fade Afro

Here comes a stylish low fade Afro hairstyle introduced by Anthony. In this hairstyle, the hairs are grown to medium length and then trimmed evenly. This look requires some pomade to maintain the style and keep it in position. Also a short curvy shaved line is added on the front left side to finish the look.

Anthony Davis Low Fade Afro

8- The Modern Geometric Cut by Anthony Davis

Here comes another variation of Anthony’s geometric haircut. Its a modern version of the traditinal Afro and looks fantastic.
The Geometric Cut by Anthony Davis

9- The Ultimate Furious Hairstyle by Anthony

Have a look at this furious hairstyle that has been featured and much liked by his fans. Its a low fade Afro cut just like you see in no.4 and 8. Anthony Davis Furious Hairstyle

10- Stylish Drop Fade Haircut by Davis

The final look as we see in the pictures of celebrities is a result of hard work and dedication of barbers and stylists. In the below photo, Anthony is getting a drop fade cut with medium to long hairs. The sides and back is fully faded while the top hairs are kept longer to form this nice hairstyle. The finishing is provided with fine clippers to complete the style.Anthony Davis Drop Fade Haircut

So that’s all about the top 10 Anthony Davis Haircut and Hairstyles that he carries extremely well. If you want to add something new to this article then you can reach us via contact page.

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