35 Stunning Asian Hairstyles for Men

Since Asian men have a unique skin tone and hair texture, they need to choose their Asian hairstyle carefully. You cannot choose a hairstyle which is popular in America or Africa, you need to go for Asian hairstyles for men. Further, it should suit you too. Asian men generally have a variation in skin tones and hence, they should choose a hairstyle which goes with their skin tone. Here we have compiled a list of the best Asian hairstyles for men 2017. Have a look!

Asian Men’s Hairstyles 2018

  1. Short Spikes

This spiky Asian hairstyle would enhance your facial features. You can pair it up with a light mustache and beard.


  1. Plain Short Hairstyle

No matter what is the texture of your hair, this chairstyle is going to suit you. And the good thing about this boyish hairstyle is that it does not require much maintenance from your part.


  1. Medium length Spikes

For those having thick hair, medium length spikes is a very good option. And this hairstyle has an advantage that it looks decent.


  1. Short Curly Asian Hairstyle

The Asian men who have curly hair can go for this haircut. The hair would stay at the top of your head and it would be convenient to maintain.


  1. Side Swept Hairstyle

This is yet another hairstyle which suits almost everyone. A side partition and a side sweep, there is nothing more that you need.


  1. Undercut Haircut

Undercut is also a very popular hairstyle for Asian men this year. You can choose to stop the cut just above your ears or to have it all around the head.


  1. Up-Fringes

Men with thin hair can try this Asian hairstyle to give an illusion of fuller hair. Tell your barber to cut fringes and let them go on top instead of combing down.


  1. Asian Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk suits Asian men a lot. You can decide the length of the Mohawk and that of the buzz.


  1. Asian Pompadour Hairstyle

This is a cool hairstyle and mostly popular among youth. Pompadour are very easy to do and look sexy at the same time.


  1. High Spikes

In case you have a wide face, this high top fade hairstyle would be the best one for you. This hairstyle would make your face look longer and control the width.


  1. Slicked Back Hairstyle

Men with straight hair can try this slicked back hairstyle as it is a great choice and offers many variations. You can decide the length of your hair and you can pair it up with a beard to have a cool look.


  1. Classic Medium Length Hairstyle

Don’t cut your hair too short and don’t keep them too long. Just get it cut up to medium length and it would serve as the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle.


  1. Super-Short Haircut

This Korean hairstyle suits Asian skin tone a lot. People with thick hair should definitely go for this short hairstyle that is very easy to make.

Very short Korean hairstyle for men 2016

  1. Layered Hairstyle for Boys 

No matter you have curly hair or straight hair, you can nail this cool Asian hairstyle with bangs. And when you go for this one, you can experiment a new style daily.


  1. Ponytail Hairstyle

For the men who aren’t afraid of carrying out newer experiments, this ponytail hairstyle is a cool option to go for.


  1. Curtain Fringes

This is a bold hairstyle and it would make you look glamorous for sure. A cool blonde Asian Haircut for boys.


  1. Front Curtains

This is yet another furious hairstyle which is gaining popularity among Asian boys. It suits almost all the hair textures. Pair it up with very light beard and you will look sexy.


  1. Longer Layers Hairstyle

For those guys who have thick hair but they don’t want to keep their hair short, this Korean Men hairstyle is good to go.


  1. Emo Hairstyle

This is a very cute EMO hairstyle and very popular among youth. So if you are a college going guy, you can go for this one.


  1. Long Curls for Men

Guys with curly hair can try this look. This curly Asian hairstyle looks fabulous if maintained properly.


  1. Short Mohawk Asian Hairstyle

This is basically a modern version of mohawk. If you need to be decent in front of your boss, but still you want to impress women at work, you can try this one. Get the sides and back faded upto the top and spike up your hair with comb. Don’t forget to apply small amount of hair gel for quick styling and sleek finish.


  1. Shaggy Curly Asian Haircut

Shaggy Asian Hairstyles look awesome but require regular maintenance and styling. You would need hair styling gel to style your hair every time you wash them. So make sure you will be able to handle it, before going for this one.


  1. Long Fringes Hair Style

Another casual hairstyle for the straight haired men. Let those fringes flow over your face for an amazing look.


  1. Slicked Sides Haircut

While slicked back hairstyles are in fashion, side slicked hair is also a fabulous style to go for.


  1. Fades-on-Sides

Faded cuts look great on men with all skin tones. It changes your appearance entirely. So if you are looking for a makeover, try this one.


  1. Man bun Hairstyle

Darker skin tones rock this man bun hairstyle. You can also try it with light strip of beard for an ultimate look.


  1. Samurai Hairstyle

This is nothing but a variation of the classic man bun pony tail hairstyle and looks like a samurai hairstyle. Cool, isn’t it?


  1. Bun with Buzz-on-Sides

Ask your barber to give you closely shaved buzz cut on both sides and keep growing your hair from center to tie it into a bun at the back. You can also check more man bun and top knot hairstyle.


  1. Twisted Fringes Hairstyle

This is another variation of the fringe cut and it looks extremely cute on some guys. Another cool messy Asian haircut for boys.


  1. Mushroom Haircut for Asian Guys

Mushroom cut doesn’t go out of fashion. And for the lighter skin tones and straight hair, this makes a great choice for guys.


  1. Curled Spikes

The men who don’t have any problem styling their hair every morning, this bold hairstyle is good to go. The good thing about this one is that you can let your hair be as messy as you can get and still rock the style.


  1. Textured Cut

When giving a texture to your hair, keep it short so that it would require low maintenance from your side.


  1. Uneven Shaggy Hairstyle

This is a cool shaggy fringes hairstyle for men with thicker hair. So, your fringes are actually shags cut unevenly.

Korean Hairstyle Kpop Hairstyle For Men

  1. Wavy Hairstyle for Asian Boys

If your hair are naturally wavy, go for this Asian Haircut 2017. This will not require any styling products and the natural texture of your air would help to keep them in place. It also looks good on Asian girls.


  1. Middle Part Haircut for Men

Center parted hairstyles really serves he purpose when you want to look decent. It puts your facial features in focus, so you can take advantage of this long Asian hairstyles when you want people to focus on your face. A light beard with mustaches does the magic and make it further appealing.


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