Best Channing Tatum Haircut and Hairstyles 2017-2018

Channing tatum haircut styles are becoming trendy among men since the release of his famous movie GI Joe – The rise of cobra. He is among the very successful actors in Hollywood. Why do you think Magic Mike seems to have such a huge fan following? It is mostly because of amazing channing tatum hairstyles that he carries.

Although Channing is blessed with dominant jaw lines and cheek, but these facial features are further highlighted with his good looks and particularly short channing tatum haircut that he wears almost all the time. The credit for his popular american boy next door look essentially goes to his hairstyles that he is pretty consistent with. He has thick and straight hair yet he likes keeping them short mostly. He is usually seen with the classic ivy league haircut, which features short sides and longer hair on the top. Channing has gone far shorter than this. He has gone to very closely cropped haircuts to a completely bald head, which he carried with amazing style.

There are many hairstyles that Channing has been seen with in different movies. Other short hairstyles that he adopted are crew cut, spiky hairstyles, Fohawk, messy spikes with cropped sides and wet textured hairstyle. The best part about these hairstyles is that they are easy to manage, maintain and wear. Are you someone who literally has no time to even properly look at yourself in the mirror? Channing tatum haircuts are simply meant for you. They hardly take less than a minute to style. All you need is a good hair product that will help you manipulate your hair the way you want. You can keep your hair dry or give them a wet look according to the type of hairstyle you are going for. These hairstyles blend well with both formal and informal occasions which is why Channing manages to look best no matter what the setting is. He looked neat and all groomed at the premiere of 21 Jump Street as well with a clean side part hairstyle.

Do you want to build an approachable image like Channing tatum? Then here are some of his hairstyles for inspiration…

Latest Channing Tatum Hairstyles 2017

1. Brushed up hairstyle

Boyish appearance

2. Channing Tatum Buzz cut

Buzz cut

3. Casual look with trimmed facial hair

buzzed with trimmed facial hair

4. Channing Tatum Caesar look


5. Comb over side part look


6. Cropped short hairstyle

Clean and short

7. Channing Tatum Combover from the movie Vow

combover from the movie Vow

8. Formal and attractive hairstyle for guys

Formal and attractive

9. Channing tatum sideswept hairstyle with bangs

His latest style

10. Messy spiky hairstyle by channing tatum

messy spikes

11. Neat Undercut hairstyle for men

Neat and sideparted

12. Short crew cut hairstyle

short and fiernce

13. Short hairstyle with front spikes

Short and spiky

14. Short & rough hairstyle


15. The rugged channing tatum haircut

The rugged look

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