50 Best Comb Over Fade Hairstyles for Men 2018

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Comb over fade haircuts.. who haven’t heard of this haircut! Comb over has been around for few years now and is extremely popular especially due to the numerous variations that it comes with. Usually the fade haircut consists of longest hairs on top which gradually decreases in length towards the nape of the neck and the sides.

The Grandpa’s comb over age is gone. Nobody likes it. Now you will find a different breed of comb over inspiring men to adorn killing looks. It is a cross breed of old and modern look. Comb over fade hairstyle is a combination of the old comb over and modern fade cut. This combo hairstyle has gained considerable popularity which is going to continue to 2018. Comb over is a popular black men haircut adopted by African American people too.

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Balding or bald men are particularly fond of comb over hairstyle as it helps them to cover up their bald area which at times is a source of embarrassment for them although young men equally love it. Even men don’t like it when they notice people noticing their bald patches. Comb over fade hairstyle aids in spreading the hair over the bald areas. The side and back are usually tapered allowing a distinguishable transition between the top hair and shorter hairs on sides. The length of hair on top of the head is longer in a comb over fade hairstyle and it is then up to you to side part it or slick it back.  If slicking it back is your kill, use a pomade that will give your hair enough hold to let it remain slicked back giving a real classic appeal to your appearance.

Hair stylists have offered their creative touch to this extremely popular hairstyle taking it to newer levels of style and awesomeness. Another step up is a comb over haircut with a shaved line that is bound to give you a sharp and edgy look. The shaved part is a boundary that sets the striking contrast between the faded short sides and the longer hair on top.

Although this is an extremely voguish hairstyle but it requires regular maintenance.  It will need some devotion and commitment from your side. After all everything good comes with some kind of commitment and devotion!

Here are some neat and classy picks from this hairstyle that will offer some inspiration!

Most Popular Comb Over Fade Hairstyles 2018

1. Clean Mid fade Comb over

A very decent haircut done by @ichelo_thebarber Its the best example of comb over with clear shaved line in which the hairs are mid length faded from the back and sides giving you a perfect look.

clean mid fade combover

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