70 Inspiring Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut & Hairstyles

What better way to surprise your fans than by changing your entire look with simply a new footballer hairstyle. Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 hairstyle does the trick. Do you want to follow his hair steps? This article features top 10 cristiano ronaldo haircut styles that are source of inspiration for his fans.

Cristiano ronaldo, the famous soccer player from Portugal not only impresses his fans with game but also the unique CR7 hairstyles that he wears. He is an award-winning footballer from Portugal and plays for Real-Madrid. Apart from his soccer career, Ronaldo also owns two CR7 boutiques and launched his own fashion brand. That shows his great interest and contribution to the fashion world.

He also got huge fan following on social media and that again shows the love of people for him. During his career, ronaldo has been seen trying different hairstyles. Ranging from short spiky hairstyle to undercut with shaved line, he tried a number of haircuts and impressed the fans. His fans also love to try the cool CR7 ronaldo hairstyles.

Let’s discuss some of the popular cristiano ronaldo hairstyles adopted by the celebrity during his career as an international footballer.

The Most Popular Ronaldo Hairstyles

  1. Spikes with shaved line

These days every guy loves spikes because it is just so creative. Why not try one with a dash of a shaved line just like this cristiano ronaldo haircut!

shaved line spikes

2. Zigzag Hairstyle

 Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle has a unique razor carved zig zag on the side. The central patch is raised while the sides are trimmed. Some believe he has carved his national number and others think he did this for a child he donated his money to. Whatever the reason, this hairstyle is just fabulous.

zig zag hairstyle

3.Classic Slick back

Classic slick back is not length restricted athlete hairstyle. This vintage hairstyle is perfect for formal events and we have seen Ronaldo attending official functions wearing this enchanted look. You simply have to use a gel and combing back your hair to get this amazing hairstyle.

retro look

4. Cropped short

 This is a well cropped short sides hairstyle that gives a flawless neat look and goes perfectly for men with oval face shape.

cropped short

5. Faux Hawk

This CR7 Faux Hawk style works with short sides and longer hair length on top. You just have to raise & style the central patch of hair on top using a gel that holds the hair in place the entire day.

Faux hawk


6. Messed up top

Do you have wavy hair? So does Ronaldo CR7. Curly hair will make it easier for you to adorn this wavy hairstyle. The blonde color on the front hair adds a hipster touch to this messy hairstyle look.

messy top

7. Textured crop

 Cristiano Ronaldo adds style to his casual hairstyle by simply using some gel to give it extra texture and glam. The hair on top are kept short and gelled to the side. This forms the latest Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle 2016.

textured crop

8. Comb over look

Cristiano Ronaldo comb over hairstyle is very popular among his fans, The hair on top are neatly side parted with the sides cropped close to the skin, giving off a very decent and neat look.

Side part look


9. Curly spikes

Instead of having the regular vertical spikes, Ronaldo is sporting  spikes with a wavy touch which is easily doable on curly hair using a gel or pomade to hold it. Checkout this messy CR7 hairstyle that totally blends with the personality of this soccer superstar.

curly spikes


10. Mullet hairstyle

This mullet hairstyle is one of the coolest hairstyles that his fans went crazy about. With short hairs on the sides and front and longer hair length till neck at the back, Ronald pulls off this Mullet hairstyle incredibly well.


Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut & Hairstyles Gallery

We have compiled the most popular cristinao ronaldo haircut pictures from the recent years and presenting them in the form of gallery. We hope that you will enjoy these stylish hairstyles adopted by the famous soccer celebrity. Here you go:

So which ronaldo haircut you like the most? Don’t forget to share these cool cristiano ronaldo hairstyles with your friends.

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