5 Best Hair styling products for Men 2018

Men’s hairstyles keep changing with time with many different variations every year. With the change in style comes a new range of hair styling products for men to make the look as stylish as possible. Each hair product gives your hair a certain level of texture and style depending on your hair type. Today you will see a huge number of men’s hair styling products, whether you are browsing amazon store or simply skimming through drugstore shelves. Some of these products are great while others are just a waste of money. Here we are going to review top 5 hair styling products to help you choose the best one.

Top 5 Hair Styling Products for Men

1. American Crew Fiber


What’s great about American crew fiber is that it supports all kinds of modern hairstyles like messy bed headed look, spikes, quiffs, mad men comb over and many others. It goes well with all types of hair. If you got medium hair, the hold remains for 8 to 10 hours a day. If you want to extend its hold time, then use a hair spray after using American crew fiber cream. The matte finish is great for light colored hair or fine hair that are prone to becoming oily and greasy when high sheen product are used. (Get it)

2. Consort Extra Hold SprayConsort extra hold hair spray for men

Do you have short to medium length hair? This one is a sure shot for you. This hair spray is definitely the superstar of hair sprays. Consort extra hold spray offers good hold that lets your hair to be molded in whatever style you want. It features the qualities of both a styling paste as well as hair spray. If you haven’t washed your hair, it provides a low-shine finish to your hair. (Get it)

3. Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Baxters of California Clay Pomade

Everyone loves shiny hair, but not the hair that looks like you showered in oil. This product will not only give your hair a matte finish, but also seem natural & gives attractive look. Your hair will look wet without the repelling shine. It could give a very heavy look on fine hair though. (Get it)

4. Evo Cassius Cushy Clay

Cassius cushy clay

This is among the best hair styling products for men in the market. This low-shine clay has such a good smell that you would wish it were a perfume you could wear. All you have to do is just use a little on the roots of your dry hair and it will give you good texture and strong hold making you look your best the entire day. Cassius will not set on your hair, which is why you can pass your fingers through them to redo your look plus it is easy to wash out. (Get it)

5. Kevin Murphy Night Rider

night rider

If you are looking for a flawless styling paste, then this is it. It’s great value for your money since you get a lot of it for less amount of money. It works on most hair types whether thick or fine hair and comes with irresistible citrus scent. It provides strong matte hold to textured and short hair styles. Don’t let the soft consistency fool you because it gives strong hold without setting. (Get it)

Go ahead and choose the one that goes with your hair type and hairstyle you are sporting these days!

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