Best Man Bun Fade Hairstyles

The man bun fade is a popular hipster hairstyle for guys with long hair. It features a bun positioned at the crown of head and tied in place to form a man bun hairstyle. Fades are given on the sides and back of head to complete the man bun fade look. Historically, it was introduced to the Chinese soldiers and later on, Japanese people started wearing man bun as a traditional samurai hairstyle.

This hairstyle is more common among men who do not like to adopt the traditional short haircuts. The modern man bun was introduced back in 2010 and its popularity kept on increasing among men with long hair till 2015. Meanwhile, many celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and Jared Leto also sported this hairstyle.

Nowadays, a man bun can be styled in a variety of ways. The most popular types include the semi man bun, full man bun, low man bun, high man bun and man bun fade hairstyle. In all these styles, the hairs are pulled backwards and tied just above the neck or vertex of head to form a bun which is also known as top knot. In this article, we will be focusing specifically on the widely-adopted man bun fade hairstyles.

Different Man Bun Fade Hairstyles

1- Burst Fade Man Bun

The below hairstyle features burst fade on sides with a high bun at the center of head. The position of bun can be adjusted as per the requirement and ease. A clean geometric cut is given at the front to create a stylish look.

2- Clean Fade Short Bun

In this hairstyle, the sides and back of head are skin faded while the top hairs are kept of medium length so that a small ponytail can be formed at the vertex. Its a nice and easily manageable hairstyle that can be styled quickly.

3- Skin Fade with Line

Addition of beard to the man bun look really does the magic and looks absolutely amazing. The below hairstyle is one of such kind that features low fades on sides and back while the top hairs are kept little longer to form a bun at the back of head. A curvy shaved line is drawn on each side to finish this modern man bun hairstyle.

4- Man Bun for Curly Hairs

This graceful hairstyle is not only for straight hairs but guys having curly hairs can also go for it. All you need to do is to grow the hairs little longer on the top, pull them towards the back and tie in a top knot style. A high fade is provided on the sides and back with zig-zag lines to complete the hairstyle. No doubt, It’s a perfect look for the African-American black men.

5- The Low Fade Bun Style

The real beauty of man bun comes with longer length hairs. In order to sport the below hairstyle, you need to grow your hairs for 6 to 8 months and then have a low fade haircut. Finally, comb the hairs toward the back of head just like the slicked back hairstyle and tie the bun.

6- Skin Fade Bun for Boys

Here comes another high skin fade haircut with medium-sized bun on top. The top hairs are kept much longer in length so that a ponytail like bun can be formed on the vertex. Some brown-toned highlights are also added to spice-up the look.

7- Top Knot Hairstyle with Beard

The top knot bun can be combined with beard to give a whole new look. The below hairstyle is for short to medium length hairs and features fully faded sides and back.

8- Braided and Faded Bun Hairstyle

For those who like funky looks, braids along with a man bun fade can be a nice choice. See how cool this guy looks with braided hairstyle on top and full faded sides.

9 – The Big Messy Bun

For those who got thick long hairs, this can be the best choice to opt for. Its a geometric haircut with a big messy bun at the vertex and slim sideburns. Make sure that you get voluminous hair before going for this hipster hairstyle.

10- The Samurai Bun Hairstyle

The list of man bun fade hairstyles shall be incomplete without the traditional samurai bun. Its another hipster look that features rugged beard and a bun made of thick long hairs at the top.

I hope you liked our collection of the most popular man bun fade styles. Now its your turn to get the photo of your favorite hairstyle and go for it.

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