Best Men Hairstyles for Thick Curly Hair

We all are well aware that managing curly hair is no joke. Thick curly hair are more of a hassle for men than having simply curly hair. However, it does make you stand out of the huge army of the monotonous and mainstream straight haired people out there. It makes you look fuller and more attractive.

2016 is a great time to open your arms and welcome those thick curly mens hairstyles. Instead of remaining in denial of a great blessing blessing of God. Did you know that men with straight hairs are going to professional hairstylists these days to break their straight haired monotony? So be proud of your naturally thick curly hair that allow you to try a number of elegant hairstyles. There are a variety of men’s hairstyles for thick curly hair and in this article we are sharing the best choices for men with kinky hair.

We understand that thick curly hair can be a dilemma for many of you out there besides just being a great fashion trend. Read on if you want to make your life easier. Let’s begin with a very basic thing as it needs to be voiced out, especially for styling curly hairstyles for men. They need to be taken care of properly by making some investment in a good conditioner or shampoo.

Curvaceous from RedKen is an all time recommended product for men with curly hair. For curly hair using a good shampoo and conditioner is extremely important. It helps to smooth out the hair cuticles, keep them moisturized and cleanse your scalp along with making your curls soft and hydrated.

Now you need a modern curly hairstyle that’s more manageable for you. Guys let’s just be practical about this because mostly guys with thick curly hairstyles remain under the false impression that their hair can be styled with minimal effort and work. Snap out of it because that’s not true. Remember! Your hair are not just curly but they are thick too. So brainstorm a bit and think about how much time you have in your hand to style your hair daily.

With thick and curly hair, what is the prime factor that cannot be overlooked? One word, time. If you want to minimize the time you take to style your unruly hair in the morning, then go for a short hairstyle. You can crop the sides and back short, allowing long hair on top to be styled in the way you want. If your hair are not setting in place they way you want then put some time in deciding a manageable haircut for yourself. You need to look for a hairstylist who can take off that weight and bulk from your hair.

One of the best things you can do to manage your day to day styling is go to your stylist and tell him to razor out your hair strands in a haphazard manner throughout the head. It will prevent your hair turning into a fluffy buff and make them more manageable. Make sure you go to a professional stylist for the purpose because not everyone has a good hand with curly hair.

Do you think you cannot sport fringes with your thick curls? Yes, you can get a thick curly hairstyle with bangs. Make your hair a little damp using a curl enhancing lotion to eliminate frizz. Scrunch your hair while you blow dry them to give a relaxed and soft look. Then use a hair spray with light hold. If you want good hold and extra definition, use a sculpting spray.


If short, stylish and more manageable hair is your kill, this super tight cut is a great option. It’s perfect for triangular, square and oval face shapes. Use a curl enhancing lotion like Kevin Murphy motion lotion. Then use your fingers to scrunch your hair a bit while blow drying. Use a comb to swipe your hairs to one side. This will also help you get a fuller look.


You can tame your thick unruly tresses with some of these thick curly hairstyle options..

Latest Thick Curly Hairstyles for Men 2016

Thick and short curls

neat curly hairstyle

Great long wavy hairstyle

Graceful long curls

formal thick curly look


Brushed up curls

Blonde curls

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