3 Best Minoxidil Shampoo Reviews for Hair Growth

Minoxidil shampoo stands out to be one of the most working solution for balding men facing hair loss problem. Since last few years men are facing the balding issue more than ever. Minoxidil shampoo is considered to be the most authentic product when it comes to solutions used for hair loss or hair thinning issues. You might be thinking that how does it works? Basically minoxidil  enhances the blood circulation, which eventually slows down the hair fall problem and results in enhanced re-growth of hair.
Today in market you will find a number of minoxidil shampoos and it will be difficult for you to choose the right. We always recommend to consult your dermatologist before choosing a new shampoo. But if you are looking for choices then below we are sharing reviews of best minoxidil shampoos for hair regrowth. Remember one thing that use of minoxidil shampoo may not completely stop the hair loss but it really slows down the process.

Here are some helpful minoxidil shampoo reviews to help you choose:

Best Minoxidil Shampoo for Hair Growth

1. Rogaine with 5% Minoxidil

Rogaine happens to be among the most recognized product among the top minoxidil shampoos. You can easily find this product on Amazon and buy your 3 month’s supply only for $38.  The product takes the form of foam and is very easy to use. It contains 5% minoxidil concentration and dries quickly. Its free from scents and after regular use of 1-2 months you will start seeing the results.

Rogaine is No. 1 dermatologists recommended & FDA approved solution for hair regrowth among men. So if you are facing  hereditary hair loss problems then Rogaine Solution is specifically for you. It not only reduces hairfall but also helps regrow hair by increasing the size of shrunken hair follicles. Apply it once or twice daily and you will start getting results within a month or two.


2. Lipogaine Complete Solution

Lipogaine complete solution for thinning hair contains 5% minoxidil and a shot of lots of other ingredients that have been known to decrease DHT. Lipogaine  is introduced to offer a comprehensive solution for hair loss among men. It features herbal blend ‘DHT-Blocker’  and declares that their unique formula will help you get rid of 98% of scalp DHT. It also contains biotin, apple polyphenol, niacin, vitamin B6 and 12. A number of clinical studies done on different ingredients of lipogaine have proved that its really beneficial for men who are facing hair loss problems. One thing to be noted is that Lipogaine has so much better reviews compared to Rogaine. Users have observed addition of baby hairs, healthier and fuller hair with the use of lipogaine.

Lipogaine hair loss formula

3. Perfect Hair Minoxidil Treatment

The 3rd product in our Minoxidil shampoo review is perfect hair solution that again contains 5% minoxidil. Although this product is not that known, it follows the footsteps of Lipogaine in its approach. However, Perfect Hair formula contains one unique ingredient and that is Retinol, commonly known as Vitamin A. Studies support this Vitamin’s ability to prevent thinning hair. Vitamin A also minimizes the sebum that contains DHT. Coupled with minoxidil, it facilitates the scalp to absorb the hair growth stimulant. It even features Azelaic acid, which an organic compound that comes from plants and shows good results when it comes to hair loss. Absence of acetone & other harsh chemicals reduces the risk of scalp irritation and proves to be the best minoxidil shampoo for hair loss among men. (Get Perfect hair solution at best price)


Are you suffering from balding issues? Look up to these Minoxidil shampoos reviews and overcome your hair loss problems.

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