Best Sergio Ramos Hairstyles for Inspiration

Sergio Ramos is a spanish footballer serving as a captain of Real Madrid. He is very popular among his fans due to amazing hairstyles he carry. Just like many other soccer superstars, Sergio Ramos is not just a soccer player but also a trend setter for a whole bunch of crowd who likes to follow Sergio Ramos hairstyles. He is gutsy and bold enough to experiment with his hairs from long/short haircuts to bleaching them in platinum blonde color . In this blog post we are sharing some worth mention Sergio Ramos hairstyles:

Some Popular Hairstyles by Sergio Ramos

The Business Casual Pompadour Hairstyle

business casual Sergio-Ramos-new-hairstyles-summer-2016

Pompadour hairstyles have always remained in fashion since early 1990’s. Men still love to wear the pompadours with some variations that gives a modern touch. Sergio Ramos has also been seen supporting this fabolous hairstyle. Pompadour hairstyle has many variations to it and this is one of them that men these days love to wear. The hairs on the sides are cut close to skin up to the front hairline and then mixed up with hair on top. The length of hair on top is kept about 3 inches that can styled in pompadour form with the help of hair brush. You can also use some hair gel or pomade to give extra hold. The neat beard of Ramos that blends with his hairstyle gives off a very neat and classy look.

Quiff on Blonde Hair

bleached with a quiffSergio-Ramos-new-hairstyles

The natural hair color of Sergio Ramos is brunette but he has always adored blonde highlights even when he had longer hairs before this. He pulls off such a bright color really well. When playing for Real Madrid along with changing his hair color, he also changed his haircut and moved towards short quiff hairstyle.

For this hairstyle, you will need wax or hairspray, comb and a blow dryer. Start by blow drying your front hair and parting them at the same time. You can enhance the volume of your hair by blow drying them in one direction. Then you will need a hairspray or a gel to part, set and hold them. This form the perfect Sergio Ramos quiff hairstyle.

Long and layered

Ramos layered hair long signature hair Sergio Ramos Best Soccer Hairstyles

Sergio Ramos fan following around the world is due to his youthfulness, amiable character and also his long hair which happens to be his signature look. This Spanish player has been long known for his long and layered hairstyles around the world. He has not only been playing with the color of his hair but also the length.

This Sergio Ramos hairstyle requires shoulder length hairs. If you have fine or thin hair then go for layered hair cut. It will give you additional volume and texture. Long hairs are also open to various styling options. You can straighten them up using a straightener or kick in some waves or curls to it. You can also twist them up to form a man-bun hairstyle. That’s another popular trend in 2016. Messy layered cut is just another option for such medium to long hairstyles.

Sergio Ramos is fearless when it comes to donning different hairstyles and experimenting with them. You are definitely going to make hundreds of eyes follow you by simply wearing his fashion statements!

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