The Best Sideburn Styles for Your Face Shape

Sideburns are usually overlooked when it comes to choosing hairstyles. They form an important component when it comes to making a style statement. Men’s sideburn styles vary with the look you want and especially with your face shape.

They can be trimmed long, mid or short and help to offer some balance to your facial features. Allow me to enlighten you with the fact that going above the top of your ear with sideburns will disturb the balance of your face and leave you with no sideburn at all.

Men sideburns styles have always received attention, whether through Elvis Presley or Robert Pattinson. Remember Neil Diamond’s bushy sideburns. We have even seen the time when men had no side hair as well. One style may take a lead at a particular time. Nevertheless, they are a sign of man’s individuality and style.They are not just a mere patch of hair that grows on your sides, but they have the power to actually break or make your overall look. Don’t get so intimidated because we are here to help you decide what’s the best sideburn style for your face shape.

Face shape and sideburn walk side by side because it is the face shape that helps you figure out which facial hair, hairstyle and even glasses suit you best. Let alone the sideburns. If you want to add style, dimension and balance to your face with just a bit of your ability to use sharp razor, you can simply do so by going beyond your own preferences and considering your face shape.

It doesn’t matter what sideburn style you go for but as a general rule it should blend with your hairstyle. What you want is uniformity and balance. They both shouldn’t be going in the opposite directions. For short hairstyles, burns are also short. On the other hand, longer hair can make space for thicker sideburns. Your hairstyle remains the determining factor regarding its thickness and length. If your hairstyle works well with your face shape, then your sideburn will probably too. Yet another deciding element is the density of your hair.  Let’s discuss some of the popular sideburns for different face shapes.

Best Sideburns Styles for Different Face Shapes

Square face: Want to strike some balance with square shaped jaw line? Go for longer sideburns that go till the bottom of your ear. It will not only help you give dimension to your face, but also make it look slimmer.

Best Sideburn styles for square face shape

Oblong face: To make your face look less longer, opt for shorter sides. In case, your face is not just long, but also narrow, opt for thick and long sideburns as it makes your face look wider.

Men Oblong Face Sideburns

Diamond face: With diamond face, mid sideburns that is right above the mid ear works perfectly. Do NOT go for bushy sides as it further enhance your cheekbones and make your face look wider. For giving a fuller look to your prominent and chiseled jawline, you can keep a beard.

Men's Diamond Face Sideburns

Round face: To minimize the fuller look, longer sideburns will be the best option. They also make your face look more structured. Begin with mid-ear and go longer if you wish. Do not go for bushy sideburns at all cost because it will make you look even more fuller. Avoid short sideburns for the very same reason.

Men Sideburns for round face shape


Triangle face: Triangular face features a wide lower face that can be balanced by short to medium sides. Longer and tapered burns can also save you from the wide jaw. Both can work for triangle face shape.

Men sideburn styles for triangular face shape

Final Word!

One sideburn style for all has been proved wrong with these recommendations. Go ahead and try out the recommendations to see which one suits you best.

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