136 Popular Black Men Haircuts 2017-2018

The good thing about the black men haircuts is that there are so many of them. And again, the bad thing is that all of black men hairstyles look so good that you will get confused while choosing a style. It is a daunting task to decide which cut would suit you best.

If you are looking for latest ideas on the black men hairstyles and haircuts, you have come to the right place. We have curated the perfect list for you. Check it out and nail the look!

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Now lets proceed to the our list of top black men hairstyles.

Popular Black Men Haircuts 2017-2018

  1. The Buzz Cut

Amazing thing about this cut is that it requires zero maintenance. So you just tell your hair stylist to cut your hair into buzz and you’re done for the next few weeks.


  1. Super Short Buzz

No we are not talking about short cut. We are talking about super-short buzz haircut. Pair it up with classy shades for an alluring look.


  1. Hard Part With Top Waves

This side part hairstyle with neatly slicked waves at the top would give you a clean and decent look.


  1. Geometric Cut

This stunning cut has a special quality that it blends well with all textures of hair. One of the best choice for teenagers.


  1. Wavy Low Fade

For guys with curly hair, this style is pretty easy. Cut the hair short but let the waves remain. Then give low fades on the sides.


  1. Highlighted Curls

Curly haired men have an advantage when it comes to styling hair. This long black hairstyle with highlights will enhance your look for sure. Do not forget to use a moisturizing gel as soon as you shower, as we do not want those superb highlights to frizz up.


  1. Pompadour Hairstyle

Grow you hair long enough to create a pompadour at top. And then go for high fade at sides.


  1. Curl-on-Top-Fade-on-Side

Show off those superb curls with this decent style. A variation of pompadour hairstyle, this clean fade would give you an edge over other men in the crowd.


  1. Edgy Hairstyle

Another short hairstyle that look good on black hair. You can either go for an edge at the top or sideways.


  1. Defined Waves

You can try short waves too with light beard. But make sure you ask your stylist to define them neatly and keep them short for gorgeous look.

10-defined-waves-haircut-styles-for-black-men 2016

  1. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk is one of the most popular out of the black men haircuts 2015, pair it up with a side fade and add some highlights for dashing look.


  1. Long dreads-in-Ponytail

This deadlock hairstyle for black men would let you keep those long dreads and still prevent them from coming to your face and seem amazing choice for party.


  1. Hair Tattoo Style

Get a wavy stripped haircut design at the sides such that it looks like a hair tattoo. And we are sure girls wouldn’t look at any other guy.


  1. Bleached Mohawk

Give your black Mohawk a twist. Get the top bleached with this blonde shade. Do not forget to condition your hair regularly once you choose this style. The hair style requires extra maintenance and care so keep this in mind before going for it.


  1. High Top Fade

This black hairstyle is perfect for those guys who want to get noticed. Ask your hair stylist to give you a high fade and then cut it in a designer pattern with line above the fade. It is a one of trendy disconnected haircut.


  1. High-at-Front-Low-at-Back

This is an old school look but is still very popular among boys. The hair are kept longer on the front and the height gradually decreases while it reaches the back. High top haircut is a very popular hairstyle for black men and blends well with beard.


  1. Natural Curls

If you want to go natural, try this long natural curls hairstyle. This is a very cute style and requires much maintenance and the style worth your effort.


  1. Low Skin Fade

This style look good on everyone whether black, white or anyone in between. And it would look perfectly gangster with an ear piercing and a beard. Another popular hipster hairstyle.

18-low-skin-fade-black-men-styles-latest hairstyle 2016

  1. Short Faded Cut

Give your short haircut a twist with this geometric front fade haircut. Pair it with light mustache and slim beard for crazy look.


  1. Mid Length Dreads

Dreads are the identity of the black men hair texture. You can pair them up with different types of fades and look like a dream.


  1. Shaved Sides

No, we are not telling to get fades on sides. We are telling you to get them close-shaved for this inspiring black men haircut. Get the hair on top spiked up for a dashing look.

21-shaved-sides-haircut-styles-for-black-men 2016

  1. Box Fade Cut

Bored of the high fades? Try this box fade instead. Let the hair grow high and then give it a box cut on the front and the sides. Complete the look with thin shaved line above fade and nicely trimmed beard.


  1. Textured Front Fade

Take advantage of your hair texture and go for this front fade haircut for black kids. Put a thick cream to define those curls and lift them up.


  1. Temple Fade

If you are one of those who are fond of creative cuts, try this temple fade haircut for black men. This modern look would steal the show.


  1. Brushed Up

They say black men do not look good with straight hair. But if you brush them upwards by using some hair product, you can change the game.


  1. Classic Long Curls

If you have kept short or medium cuts always, this long curls haircut has the power to give you a new look altogether. Pull off this look with a closely shaved beard. Style the hair on top in a long man bun hairstyle while keeping the remaining hair on front over shoulders.


  1. Disconnected Part

This clean side part haircut looks really professional out of the various black men haircuts. It would also put your face features into focus.


  1. Black Brown Afro Hairstyle

This black hairstyle would not need any maintenance from your side. It will adjust as per your hair texture and you can keep a beard to look extra hot.

28-black-brown-afro-hairstyle-black-men 2016

  1. Short Dreads

Dreads look decent when they are short are combined with a fade and beard. Give your hairstyle a fade as you go down.


  1. Long Thin Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks make you look super bold. And when you pair it up with a nose ring, you would be the coolest guy of your gang. Here you go with one of the best dreadlocks for black men.


  1. Side Parted Taper

Taper fade is an ever green trend among Black men haircuts. Whether you have an office party coming up or you are planning to catch up with friends casually, all eyes would be on you if you got this black haircut with line.


  1. Flat Top Cut

This simple cut seems as if it is tailor-made for black men. Get this from your stylist next time you decide for a hairstyle change!


  1. Clean Cut

Ask your stylist to crop your hair short and make clean cuts on both sides with low fade. Get a wavy shaved line at sides to look superb.


  1. Wavy Fade

You need to maintain your hair once you get this faded hair style with beard. So choose carefully. How to get waves on kinky hair? – Put a thick gel over your hair on top and get the sides fade away.


  1. Classic Mohawk

Mohawk is quite popular among the top black men haircuts. There are various kinds of Mohawk, so you have various options to choose from. But the classic Mohawk looks good on almost everyone like this one.

35-classic-mohawk-black-men-hairstyles 2016

  1. High Mohawk with Fade

Combine Mohawk with side fade and be like a fashion icon Usher. This one looks amazing on younger guys and students.


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We hope that you liked our collection of Top 36 Black haircuts for African american Men that are very popular among guys in 2017 and 2018. If you are looking for even more options then the below gallery is for you that contains huge collection of black men haircuts and hairstyles.

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