20 Cool Long Hairstyles for Boys 2018

Do you find it difficult to manage long hairs? We got some fabulous long hairstyles for boys to look more cool and awesome. A head full of hairs is an indication of good genes and health which doesn’t need to be hidden from the world. Longer hairs looks immensely attractive and sexy. Of course! Only when you actually take care of them. Do you think longer locks will build up the styling pressure on you? Well, that’s not necessary because you can always go for the really effortless men’s long hairstyles that are easy to style and extremely head-turning. It’s no secret that we tend to choose hairstyles that our natural texture of hair supports.

The general perception regarding boys long hairstyles have drastically changed. It’s 2018 after all! Nobody is going to frown you for having long hairs anymore. However, do keep in mind that long locks need more maintenance and tend to fall more. If you have the determination that you can take good care of your hair, then long hairstyle is a great option that opens doors to a large number of styling options. The hair care routine for long hairs involve frequent conditioning, washing and using products to moisturize and nourish hair so they don’t get frizzy. If you don’t want to look womanly, then avoid using styling products too much with long hairstyles.

There are many long hairstyles for men that you can opt for like the man bun, half ponytail, long shaggy hairstyle, layered cut, full dreadlocks, straight or curly long hair and many others. We have chosen 20 best medium to long hairstyles that are bound to look great on boys. we are sure that at least one of them is going to suit your personality and taste.

Do you happen to be cheerful, artistic and unruly in nature? Long shaggy hairstyle is another best option for you. It goes well with all hair types fine hair, thick hair and curly hair. If you particularly have naturally curly hair, then you can save yourself from the anxiety with long shaggy hairstyles. You just need a hair mousse to bring some volume to your hair and you are all set for going out. If you happen to be really busy, taking a shower and brushing your hair is all it takes to get an elegant look with long hairstyles for boys. Just imagine how much hassle free your morning is going to be.

Cool Long Shaggy Hairstyle for Men


This is a perfect i-don’t- care-what-anyone-thinks kind of long hairstyle. It can even serve as a formal hairstyle. Like the name suggests, semi-bun is not a full bun, but serves as a practical long hairstyle for men. You don’t have to pull up all your hair into a bun leaving hairs outside the bun. You can leave the front lock of the hair sticking out for an added show of effortless attractiveness.

Casual semi bun

Men’s half ponytail is a perfect reminder of Kurt Cobain and Brad Pitt. We have all seen them wearing it. This hairstyle has its roots in the 90s in and looks really attractive. You just have to pull up the upper half of your hair into a ponytail to get this manliness hairstyle. Horizontally divide your hair in 2 sections and then using a hair band, tie the upper section to get a perfect man bun hairstyle.


If you boys are sick and tired of being called careless and carefree by your elders, shoulder length hairstyles with a side part will add a touch of maturity to your entire boyish look. For this hairstyle, you need to take a good volume of hair and sweep it to one side. In short, you need to do some deep side parting. You can move beyond the current trends of messy hair and adorn it even on formal events and be showered with flattering comments.

naturally long

Go creative and versatile with trendy long hairstyles in 2016. Here you go with some inspiring images.

Long Hairstyles for Boys 2016

Best Long Hairstyle for Teen Boys Cool Boys layered long hairstyles Hairstyles for Boys with Long Hair

Graceful pompadour for men

modern full hair dreadlock

dishevelled look

business look with man bun

Man formal Bun Hairstyle



hot long fringes

long side swept hair

Awesome layer cut

Christian Bale cool long hairstyle

bun with a statement


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