Bryce Harper Haircut + Hairstyles Collection

If you look up the name Bryce Harper on the Internet, not only that you would found out about his profession, but you would see hundreds of bryce harper hairstyle articles as well. Bryce Harper is the professional baseball right fielder for the Washington Nationals of MLB, Major League Baseball. He was chosen by this team as the first overall pick in the 2010 MLB Draft. Then he was Again selected for the 2012 All-Star Game and became the youngest positioned player that has ever been selected.

According to professional baseball analytics reviews, Bryce was chosen as the No. 2 corner outfielder in the NLB and was touted as a five-tool player. Perhaps you already knew all of this, and if you do, you certainly know how great bryce harper haircut styles are. Bryce’s gift for fashion is making him be well known on and off the field, through all kinds of hairstyles and beards. Not to mention his hair flip, the trademark bryce harper haircut that has marked this year.

Not to be shy and all, I can honestly say that bryce harper hairstyle belongs in a museum, where everybody can watch it, admire it and look up to it. Prepare to meet the top 10 Bryce Harper’s haircut styles that left a signature in 2016 and don’t forget to take notes! He has wonderful and thick hair which makes it really easy to work with, so don’t forget this if you choose one of his styles, it is important that if right for you and your hair. Don’t be scared to bring a picture of Bryce Harper hairstyle to your barber, I’m sure he can work with a picture alone and recreate the exact style you’re looking for.

Top 10 Bryce Harper Haircut + Hairstyles

Longer or medium on top & short, undercut on the sides – this hairstyle is perfect for people that have thick hair. The top is trimmed a little bit, showing the full thickness of the hair and this goes along with undercut sides, which are awesome with some beards added to it.

Bryce Harper Haircut Long on Top and Short Sides

Among the finest Bryce Harper haircuts is the long slicked back top with undercut sides which gives an awesome look and looks better if you have a mustache.

long slicked back top with undercut sides

The Instagram followers of Harper were blown away when he posted a photo with his slicked back gray hair. It gives an old man look with a young face to match and is really distinctive.

Bryce Harper Gray Hairstyle 2015

Man Bun – this is a popular hairstyle among young people today, but Bryce made it even more. Look how good it suits his face, so if you have a long face like him I bet it would look good on you too.

Bryce Harper Man Bun Hairstyle 2016

Razor Parted Pompadour – This is a hairstyle of a gentleman, and I never thought that he would have it like that one day. But, here we are, he is wearing it well like all of the other hairstyles.

Bryce Harper Razor Parted Pompadour Hairstyle

Messy Side Part – Who said that messy hair isn’t good? Look at Bryce Harper’s haircut and say that this isn’t a great look!

Bryce Harper Messy Side Part Hairstyle 2016

If you want a sexy and younger look, this Bryce Harper’s hairstyle is a must for you. Slicked dark top hairstyle with low-high fade is what I call it.

Bryce Harper Slicked Dark Top with Low High Fade Haircut

Brush up all your hair, make it like a spike, add some gel and you will get this brushed up look, just like him.

The Ultimate Brushed Up Hairstyle by Bryce Harper

Want to do the same hair flip like Bryce on the field? Go for this bryce harper hairstyle with side flip top with undercut sides.

Bryce Harper Side Flip Top Hairstyle with Undercut Sides

Similar to the Mohawk style, this Bryce Harper’s hairstyle is perfect for growing a beard. It is medium height forward flip-up top with undercut sides.

Bryce Harper Haircut - Medium height forward flip-up top with undercut sides

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