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Fade haircuts and haircuts are the most demanded haircuts on 2018.  These include taper, high & low fade haircuts for men. Have a look at best fade haircuts 2018.

50+ Skin Fade Haircut & Bald Fade Hairstyles 2017

High top skin fade hairstyle for men with light beardHigh top skin fade hairstyle for men with light beard

If you think a bald fade haircut or skin fade hairstyle would give you a clean look, you are absolutely right. With this scorching sum outside, a fade hairstyle would give you a stylish appearance. And the best part, you need not even maintain it. Yes, a fade haircut needs little to no maintenance. So […]

50 Best Comb Over Fade Hairstyles for Men 2017-2018

clean mid fade combover

Comb over fade haircuts.. who haven’t heard of this haircut! Comb over has been around for few years now and is extremely popular especially due to the numerous variations that it comes with. Usually the fade haircut consists of longest hairs on top which gradually decreases in length towards the nape of the neck and the […]

The Low Fade Haircut Styles & Latest Trends

Ultimate sidepart business hairstyle for men

The low fade haircut got immense popularity among men since last year. It’s a type of fade haircut in which the hairs are faded to a lower length at the back and sides of head. Men have been sporting short sides long top hairstyles since decades. No matter what texture, color or hair type they […]

Top 10 Temp Fade Haircuts for Men 2016

geometric temp fade haircut for guys

Men’s temp fade haircut one of the most popular type of fade haircut. Its is also known as temple fade, Brooklyn fade and low fade hairstyle among black men. You know fades have different types and each type offers a unique and attractive look to the person adopting it. Generally in a fade haircut the hair length […]

The Taper Fade Haircut Styles and Trends

Low taper fade comb over hairstyle

In taper haircut, the hair length gets gradually decreases from the hairline to nape of neck.  While in fade haircut the hairs are faded to a length depending upon the choice. Different types of fades are becoming trendy in 2016 like high fade, low fade, mid fade etc. Taper fade haircut is basically a combo of […]

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