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Checkout cool men hairstyles and haircuts for boys. Latest hairstyle ideas for men which are getting popular in 2017.

Best Men Hairstyles for Thick Curly Hair

Blonde curly hairstyles for men 2016

We all are well aware that managing curly hair is no joke. Thick curly hair are more of a hassle for men than having simply curly hair. However, it does make you stand out of the huge army of the monotonous and mainstream straight haired people out there. It makes you look fuller and more attractive. 2016 […]

Cool Wavy Hairstyles for Men 2016

the ultimate business hairstyle look for boys 2016

Men’s Wavy Hairstyles 2016: Have you come across people who have got wavy hair, but they simply abhor it and are always wishing for straight hair or are planning on getting straightening treatments? Do you happen to be one of them? Then just stop right there! Did you know these days people with straight hair […]

The Best Sideburn Styles for Your Face Shape

Men Oblong Face Sideburns

Sideburns are usually overlooked when it comes to choosing hairstyles. They form an important component when it comes to making a style statement. Men’s sideburn styles vary with the look you want and especially with your face shape. They can be trimmed long, mid or short and help to offer some balance to your facial features. Allow […]

Men’s Business Hairstyles Collection 2016

Formal classic slick back hairstyle 2016

Latest collection of professional business hairstyles for men: Are you giving a presentation or pitching a sale? Are you nervous because you need to make the right impression? Yes, your entire look matters, but so does your hair. Apart from a professional business attire, you need to wear a business appropriate hairstyle as well that radiates […]

20 Hot EMO Hairstyles for Guys 2016

Trendy Blue EMO Hairstyle Trends

Young boys and girls these days love to adopt EMO hairstyles. For those of you who are wondering what Emo hairstyles are, a little introduction wouldn’t hurt. Emo comes from the word ‘emotional’ which has its association in the blend of alternative music genre and punk rock. After all we are living in 2016 and […]

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