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Looking for stylish short hairstyles 2018? We have got huge collection of popular short hairstyles for men that becoming trendy in 2018. You would love to adopt these cool short haircuts. Enjoy!

The Long Spikes with Light Beard

21 Best Short Spiky Haircuts for Guys

Short spiky haircuts are in fashion since last many years among boys. The reason for that much popularity of spikes is very obvious. Spiky hairstyles are simple, easy to style and look cool. Furthermore,...

The Geometric Cut

The Hard Part Haircut

The hard part haircut is a special type of side part in which a disconnection is formed between the parted hair. The disconnection can be done with a shaved line or simply by scissor...

Razor Fade Side Part Quick Hairstyle for Boys

Men’s Side Part Hairstyles 2018

Men’s side part hairstyles are in fashion among men since early 1950’s. In 2018 the trend of side part hairstyles among men is again evolving. No, they are not boring anymore just like the classic...

Cool high and tight hipster hairstyles for men 2016

High and Tight Haircut for Men 2018

High and tight haircut is a short military haircut that’s very popular among army personnels worldwide. Being a short haircut, it’s also becoming trendy among civilians especially during the summer season, young guys like...

Johnny Dep's Widows peak Hairstyle

12 Inspiring Widows peak Hairstyles for Men 2018

The problems of men receding hairline and thinning hair are now becoming very common in 2018. Apart from old men, even youngsters are going through such problems of hair loss and thinning hair. It...

1 Classic Ivy League Haircut Ideas 2017

Stunning Ivy League Haircut Ideas

Let’s welcome upcoming year 2017 with a new stunning style in Ivy League Haircut, and what is better than the classy gentleman’s haircut that is the Ivy League haircut. It is also referred to...