Choosing And Caring For Your Shaving Brush

A shaving brush can transform an average shave into a great shave. Every man who takes shaving time seriously will know it’s cool to own one of these retro pieces that complement any shaving kit.

Before you go for shopping for your kind of shaving brush, it’s important to know the kind of brushes in the market. The main types you will find in the market include:

  • Badger
  • Boar
  • Horse
  • Synthetic

High quality bristles are always a great investment. Animal and synthetic types won’t absorb water or irritate you with heat. Some people find boar bristles better than synthetic while others find them a bit coarse. The horse hair brushes are equally popular to those who don’t like furs. Whereas it’s a matter of preference, it’s important to note that the best shaving brush that will last is the one that has been properly cared for and maintained.

Best Shaving Brushes

Determining the Maintenance and Care Steps

It’s odd to think that the shaving brush you use every now and then will self-clean itself since it’s always in contact with water, soap and lather. However, the soap and cream build up over time can become a breeding ground for bacteria. If the debris, oil and dirt accumulates, cleaning the shaving brush becomes a necessity. There are many aspects that will determine the maintenance and care steps to take. The way you clean it after every shave will determine how intensely you need to clean, the frequency of use and the type of water used.

You can determine how best to clean your shaving brush based on the condition of the bristles. Also, you can decide to give it a through scrubbing if you notice that there is residue building up on the base of the brush. The moment you see such residue; you need to plan for an intense cleaning job. There are a few methods you can use to clean your shaving brush, but you need to look for one that works well for you.

Even if you have mastered the art of getting the perfect shave or lathering up, it can end up being an unpleasant task if you are using a dirty, debris laden brush. In fact, such a brush can lead to a skin infection. Proper care tips will help you maintain your brush many years to come. You should always handle it like any other grooming accessory you have invested in.

Always Keep It Dry

After your shave, you can leave the brush to dry by draining or shaking off the excess water held by the bristles. You can hang it in a brush stand in its upside down position. This lets moisture to drip off from the base. You should take care not to keep it locked in an air tight compartment or a damp room.

Be Gentle With It

When lathering, it’s advisable to use the right amount of pressure. Don’t use the soap excessively with brute force. Doing this can drive more soap down to the base of the brush and you may not get the lather that you need. Remember, applying extra pressure can damage the bristles and the brush.

Don’t Lather On the Face

It may sound controversial but the bristles on the brush aren’t as tough as the hairs on your face. As such, you need to look for a container for the lather, say a mug or a special bowl. This way the brush won’t wear away fast.

Clean It Regularly

Cleaning your shaving brush regularly won’t take out a lot of your time or energy. You can go light after your normal shave but you need to thoroughly clean it every once or twice a month.

Avoid Dipping Into Extremely Hot Water

Even though you will want a sizzling hot shave, extremely hot water will harm your brush. If you are cleaning it with water that is excessively hot at 40C, the bristles will curl up and make your shaving moments unpleasant. Instead of scorching the bristles, choose warm water over hot.

Invest In a High Quality Brush

With the right care and maintenance, your brush should last for some years. It only takes practice and the rest will be easy. Remember, using the shaving brush doesn’t require rocket science. The professional barber or beard care specialist should give you useful insights that will set you in the right direction. The rest is a matter of choosing the perfect brush, stand and having the willingness to clean after every shave.

If you value your beard and look forward to a great shaving moment, you need to invest in a high quality brush. However, it’s wrong to ignore the brush until the next moment you want to shave. Shaving brush care and beard maintenance go hand in hand, you cannot afford to ignore either of them.

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