The Princeton Haircut & IVY League Hairstyles for Men

The more common name of Princeton haircut is the Ivy league though it is also well known by other names like  Cambridge Cut, Brown cut, and Harvard cut. It was mostly adopted by men in military and undergraduates of Ivy League universities. .What makes it so popular nowadays is the fact that it is an extremely low maintenance haircut.As most of us today lead a fast paced life so princeton haircut is a best choice.

IVY league haircut is just like Crew Cut but it has an exception of the longer length of hair on top than Crew Cut. You must have noticed many celebrities like Taylor Lautner from Twilight and Jeremy Renner getting princeton cut. You might have seen some cool variatons of the classic princeton look that are introduced by hairstylists in 2016.

Here are some classy Princeton haircut picks to spark off some inspiration in you ….

Popular Princeton Haircut Styles 2016

1. Brushed up Hairstyle

brushed up princeton

This brushed up hairstyle for guys is perfect for formal occasions like Prom, weddings or parties. You need a comb and little gel or pomade to hold your hair upwards in a slightly tilted manner. Comb your longer hair on top in spikes form and style them with fingers through them. You can also use a small amount of gel for quick styling and you are good to go. To make this look even better you can try out lowlights or highlights on your hair, especially on front ones.

2. Buzzed Haircut Style

ivy-league with buzz

Now this is an extremely good looking combination of Buzz cut and Princeton haircut. It offers a short hair look exposing your hairline in a voguish manner. If you want to add more drama to the look, grow some facial hair with it. It could be a French beard or heavy one. Absolutely anything you like plus it just requires 2 minutes of styling. What more could one ask for!

3. The Classic Faded Look

classic princeton

This is a flawless classic Princeton haircut for boys. To achieve this Ivy league look, you have to make use of a mousse, gel or a pomade to side part the hair. Then manipulate the longer hair on top with your fingers or brush to neatly style it. A brush could prove to be handy. Now you are all set to attend a formal event or an informal function. This short hairstyle will not tie you up with a certain setting. You are free to go anywhere you wish to.

4. Short Quiff with Princeton

princeton with a short quiff

This classic blonde look when coupled with a beard and moustache is a perfect duo that offers you amazing CLASS. In order to get this classic hairstyle, first of all apply some gel, or pomade to your hair. Then side part your hair with comb and style the front locks a little upwards and sideways to make a quiff. You are ready to go out with an elegant look and take the lead!

5. Short Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky hairs

This is an extremely popular short hairstyle for men that requires minimum maintenance yet it looks alluring. The hair on the sides are extremely short, so no worries about them. The longer hair on top gives room to styling them UP in a spiky form. This is almost similar Faux hawk hairstyle with longer hair on top gelled up and forward in a sharp point. This style blends well with most of face shapes and you can wear it on formal occassions.

We are sure that at least one of these Princeton haircut is going to blend with your personality. Do give it a try and look sizzling hot!

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