30 Hot Comb Over Haircut Styles of 2017

Comb over haircut is an evergreen haircut that you might be adopting since childhood times.  Remember the moment when you were a kid and the first time your mom taught you how to comb your hair? Yes, you have been doing comb over hairstyle since you were little. However, the difference now is that like you, the haircut has also grown up in different ways.

Mens Comb over haircut is extremely flexible and offer you a variety of styling options. It is widely adopted by men of all ages. Whether you are a young kindor college guy, the haircut will suit you regardless of your age. Even men falling in the age group of 40-50 love to adorn comb over haircut. One thing i want to point out is that in 2018, new comb over  is no more the Grandpa haircut as it has often been associated with and we all like to detest.

Are you facing the worrisome problem of hair fall or hair thinning? Yes, all youngsters are increasingly facing this problem these days. You can shed all your worries with Comb over hairstyle as it gives you room for covering up the bald patches and hair thinning problem. Young guys these days are even more conscious than women regarding their looks. Even they don’t like people noticing their bald patches or hair thinning and becoming victims of criticism by people regarding their young age and such a problem.

Comb over hairstyle can also serve as receding hairline hairstyle. It will save you from such embarrassing situations by letting you spread your hair over the exposed scalp. All you need to do to style a typical comb over is make use of a comb and a pomade or gel of your choice. Using your comb, you can side part your hair on either left or right side, whichever side you feel comfortable in. You can also side part it and slick it back at the same time if that’s what makes you radiate killer look vibes.

Like I said this look has grown up in different ways too.  In order to get the modern comb over, you can add a taper to this hairstyle forming a clear demarcation between the shorter hairs on sides and the comb over hairstyle on top. In other words, this is actually a comb over fade look well suited for boys. The length of hair on top is long that enables you to style it in the way you want. Again you have a choice to either side part it or slick it back. If slicking back is what you choose, make use of a hair product like pomade, gel or wax to give some amount of hold to your hair so they remain that way for longer time.

The most contemporary innovation in this hairstyle tends to be the shaved line. Low fade comb over with a shaved line is definitely the way-to-go look for all young men and boys. The shaved part allows a complete disconnect between the longer hair on top and faded short sides. All said and done, this particular innovation will need a regular look after with a snip and a trim every now and then. If you are up for standing out of the crowd then this is your kill!

Here are some picks for instilling some inspiration in you.

30 Best Comb Over Haircut Styles 2018

1. David Bekham’s Style

Bekham's side slick

2. Bradley cooper’s receding hairstyle

bradley cooper's voluminous combover

3. Comb over pompadour hairstyle

combover pompador

4. Leonardo’s Slick back style

leonardo's combover

5. Neat and Slick side part


6. Gelled comb over haircut for boys

runway combover

7. Ryan Gosling short casual hairstyle


8. Comb over haircut with highlights

short combover with highlights

9. The Side parted textured look


10. The nerdy look

trendy combover

11. Zac Efron Clean Comb Overs Hairstyle

Zac Efron Comb Over Hairstyle

12. Tousled Long Hairstyle

Tousled Long Hairstyle

13. Slick Back with Shaved Sides

Slick Back with Shaved Sides

14. Short Rugged Style

Short Rugged Style

15. Pompadour with hard part

Pompadour Comb Over Style

16. Long Top & Short Sides

Long Top Short Sides

17. Justin Timberlake Comb Over Hairstyles

Justin Timberlake Comb Over Hairstyles

18. Hard Part Comb Over with Shaved Line

Hard Part Comb Over with Shaved Line

19. Gelled Pompadour Style

Gelled Pompadour Style

20. Best haircut for big forehead men

Fade Cut for Chubby Face

21. David Beckham’s Ultimate Look

David Beckhem's Look

22. The George Clooney Salt & Pepper Hairstyle

Anton Nilson's Comb Over Hairstyle

23. Bleached Top Hairstyle for Men

Bleached Top Look

24. Brown Side part with Rough Beard Style

Brown Sidepart with Beard Style

25. Comb Over Taper Haircut

Comb Over Taper Haircut

26. Comb over wavy hairstyle

Comb over wavy hairstyle

27. Clean fade with shaved sides

Clean fade with shaved sides

28. Golden Slick Back Shaved Sides

Golden Slick Back Shaved Sides

29. Sleek shaved line look

Sleek shaved line look

30. Trendy 1950’s Comb Over Hairstyle

Trendy 1950's Look

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