Conor Mcgregor Haircut

Conor McGregor, the most popular mixed martial artist is very popular for his hairstyles too. Conor McGregor haircut styles are innovative and look just amazing. So today we are sharing some cool hairdos of this iconic featherweight champion. Starting his career back in 2008, he won featherweight as well as lightweight championships after defeating Jose Aldi. He also competed with other superstars like Eddie Alvarez and kept the title with him. His hairdos are very popular among MMA and UFC guys.

Apart from his professional career, Conor McGregor haircut is also loved by his fans. His signature style is a modern form of undercut, commonly known as undershave hairstyle. The hair on sides and back are fully shaved which is not the case in undercut hairstyle. The hair on top is kept short & brushed backward after applying some gel. His rugged beard with mustaches symbolizes manliness and looks appealing. So, we recommend you grow light beard along with this to form a complete manly look.

You might have also seen him having braids on top with same shaved sides. It is much like the one adopted by Ragnar Lodbrok with a long beard. Make sure that you get the sides fully shaved instead of buzzing them with clippers. That’s the basic difference between the two Conor McGregor haircut looks. There are a variety of other options to style the top hair. You can choose to have a mohawk, side part, slick back, braids or spikes on top with this Conor McGregor haircut. In short, this haircut blends perfectly with any hairstyle and you can style it the way you want. So, let’s have a look at some of the popular hits and choose your favorite pick from below collection;

Conor McGregor Hairstyles Collection

1.The Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut with Rough Beard Conor McGregor

2. UFC 197 press conference look
Conor McGregor Haircut 2017

3. The Faded Sidepart
Conor McGregor Hairstyles 2017-2018

4. Brushed up undercut

Conor McGregor Hipster Look

5. Side swept LookConor McGregor Latest Hairstyles 2017-2018

6. The Receding Hairline Haircut

Conor McGregor Simple Haircut Style

7. The High Fade HaircutConor McGregor UFC 205 Haircut

8. The Modern Side Part

High Skin Fade with Hard Side Part

9. The Conor Fringe Hairstylehigh Taper Fade Cut

10. McGregor Mohawk HairstyleLong Mohawk Hairstyle by Conor McGregor

11. Top Knot with Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides Top Knot Hairstyle

12. Short Sides Long Top StyleShort Sides Long Top Hairstyle

13. The Professional Slicked Back LookSlicked Back Look

14. Slick Back with Tapered SidesSlicked Back Tapered Sides

15. Slick Back Undercut HairstyleSlicked Back Undercut

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