Cool Wavy Hairstyles for Men 2018

Men’s Wavy Hairstyles 2018: Have you come across people who have got wavy hair, but they simply abhor it and are always wishing for straight hair or are planning on getting straightening treatments? Do you happen to be one of them? Then just stop right there! Did you know these days people with straight hair are going for waves in the hair? Why? Because wavy hairstyles simply look more gorgeous & attractive. Straight hair have become too mainstream and boring now. A variety of wavy hairstyles for men are trending in 2018. Here we picked the top choices for men with wavy hair.

Natural wavy hairstyles look energetic and stylish, unlike the limp and flat straight hair. It is no wonder ‘straight haired’ are so terribly falling for it. It is not necessary to take the help of a professional stylist to bring some twists and turns in your hairstyle if you happen to have straight hairs. All you need is the right tools and the right technique. This trend is not just common among girls. It has seeped down among men too, whether you have loose waves or tight kinky waves. Wavy hairs are much more versatile than curly ones & offer a variety of styling options.

Does ‘wavy hair’ bring overly-tamed wigs of 17th century French noblemen to mind? Forget that reputation it had because it doesn’t exist anymore! Yes wavy hair may have their own set of management difficulties, but today you will notice celebrities like Adrian Grenier wearing wavy hairstyles and not to mention the Justin Timberlake’s short waves.

2018 happens to be one of the best times to embrace those waves in your hair with open hands and enjoy the splash of trendy variations. Don’t forget there is a huge list of celebrities with trendy waves in their hair and we have gathered a good list of latest wavy hairstyles for men 2018 to enlighten you with. However, do remember that not every hair stylist can work well with wavy hairs. According to the type of waves you have in your hair, do check out that your hairstylist can do a good job on it.

There are loads of cool wavy hairstyles for boys you can opt from. If you have wavy hair similar to this guy, you can try out crew cut with a nice beard to add some drama to your style. The sides are cropped really short with a low fade. If you wish to define your waves, you can make use of a medium hold pomade.

Men’s Wavy Hairstyles 2018


This is a very natural look for those with such natural wavy hair. It even lets you grow your hair longer. Just tousle up your hair and use a gel to define those attractive wavy locks. It is a low maintenance hairstyle with bangs that gives a more of a casual look.

casual messy look

Do you want to more attractive with your wavy hair? Add some color to your hair. this wavy hairstyle is a killing combo with loose long waves on top plus high fade with short sides. In order to add some hold, go for a medium hold hair product.

cool high fades with loose waves

If your hair happen to be rebellious and unruly, just shed your worries. Couple this hairstyle with a goti beard. This is a bit of messy hairstyle and serves as a great beach hairstyle too. To tame those waves, use a good hair product that suits your hair type.

Tousled rebelious waves

Let’s move from the rebellious look to yet another extreme. You can even wear a very formal wavy hairstyle like this ultimate voguish business look. Turn your waves into a killer look by simply using a good pomade for hold and a comb.

the ultimate business look

Set the ocean of hairstyle trends into cool waves by wearing these looks…

Mega Collection of Wavy Hairstyles for Men

waved back

waves with highlights

Sohphisticated short look

great shaggy waves

out-waving the waves

Modern side swept look

Hot boyish look

Blonde waves

Formal waved look

Great short waves

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