Striking Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men

The crew cut is a very nice short haircut for men. The hairs on top of the head are kept short while the length gradually decreases further towards the sides and back. A short pompadour is formed on the front that is the main feature of a crew cut. Although this haircut looks simple yet it can be styled in a variety of ways. Military people around the world also adopt this hairstyle as per their regulations and trend.

Summer is approaching and guys are already searching for new short haircuts to keep themselves cool and fresh during hot summer season. So, in such a scenario crew cut would be the best haircut option for guys. Whether you are attending a business meeting, formal gatherings or a casual function, it would suit all the occasions. So, in this article, we are sharing some nice short crew cut haircut styles for boys.

15 Best Short Crew Cut Hairstyles for Men

1. Short & thick high fade style

Thick & medium Length Crew Cut with Beard

2. The Textured Crew Cut HairstyleThe Textured Crew Cut Hairstyle

3. The Greasy Look with SpikesThe Spiky Version of Crew Cut

4. Short Military Crewcut HairstyleThe Simple Military Crew Cut Haircut

5. Professional/Formal Crew Cut HairstyleThe Professional Short Hairstyle for Men

6. The Messy Side ParySide Parted Look - Men's Crew Cut

7. TheĀ Golden Top LookThe Blonde Crew Cut hairstyle

8. The Classic Crew Cut for BoysThe Classic Look of Crew Cut Hairstyle

9. Modern Crew Cut with Shaved SidesThe modern crew cut hairstyle

10. Brushed Forward Style

11. IVY League Haircut StyleIVY League Haircut for Men - Crew cut

12. Front Swept – Long Crew CutFront Swept Look - Long Crew Cut Haircut

13. Crew Cut PompadourCrew Cut Pompadour Hairstyle14. Short Hairstyle for School Guys

Crew Cut for Boys15. Short Brushed Hairstyle for MenCrew Cut Brushed Look for Men

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