25 Disconnected Undercut Looks

The disconnected undercut hairstyle is a special type of undercut in which the long hair on top is separated from the shorter hair on sides either by shaved line or scissor cut. The sides are kept very short instead of fading to form a noticeable contrast between the long top & short sides. It’s a very trendy hairstyle; adopted by men since many years.

Disconnected undercuts are suitable for different hair types. No matter whether you got thin, fine, curly or thick hair; you can still opt for it. It’s a universal haircut adopted by men of all ages and make you look valiant.

Disconnected undercut can be formed in a variety of ways. These include hard part, fully shaved sides & high fades. That’s one reason of its popularity. Furthermore, it can be combined with various other hairstyles including mohawks, pompadour, comb over, slicked back and side part hairstyles. Famous celebrities like David Beckham, Brad Pitt & Cristiano Ronaldo also sported this marvelous undercut various times.

Disconnected Undercut Styles for Men

We have compiled some popular disconnected undercut hairstyles for men that are getting trendy in 2017. If you are looking for a modern undercut hairstyle then this post can help you to pick the best one.

  1. Undercut with Shaved LineUndercut with Shaved Line2. Undercut for Curly HairUndercut for Curly Hair (Black Kids)3. The Manly Tram Line Pompadour LookTram Line Pompadour Look4. Spiky Hard part Disconnected UndercutThe Spiky Hard part Disconnected Cut5. The Ultra Razor Shaved LookThe Ultra Razor Shaved Look6. Slicked back undercut hairstyleSlicked back undercut hairstyle7. The Disconnected Fringe Hairstyle for GuysThe Disconnected Fringe Hairstyle for Guys8. The Blonde Disconnected CutThe Blonde Disconnected Cut9. The Hard Part Pompadour HairstyleThe Hard Part Pompadour Hairstyle10. The Razor Shaved High Pompadour HairstyleThe Razor Shaved High Pompadour Hairstyle11. Shaved Sides Undercut HairstyleShaved Sides Undercut Hairstyle12. Professional Look with BeardProfessional Look with Beard13. Medium to Long Messy HairstyleMedium to Long Messy hairstyle14. Medium Length Pompadour UndercutMedium Length Pompadour Undercut15. Long Textured Slick Back LookLong Textured Slick Back Look16. Disconnected Side Part Hairstyle with PompadourDisconnected Side Part Hairstyle with Pompadour17. Disconnected Side-swept Undercut HairstyleDisconnected Side-swept Undercut Hairstyle18. Disconnected Undercut Pompadour HairstyleDisconnected Undercut Pompadour Hairstyle19. Dyed Slicked Back with Shaved LineDyed Slicked Back with Shaved Line20. Long Quiff Hairstyle for BoysLong Quiff Hairstyle for Boys21. Disconnected Combover Undercut LookDisconnected Combover Look22. David Beckham’s Disconnected UndercutDavid Beckham's Disconnected Undercut23. The Comb Over Hairstyle for Men
    Comb Over hairstyle for Men24. Bluemann Disconnected Undercut Look

    Bluemann Disconnected Look25. Fully Shaved Backward Undercut with Beard

    Backwards Undercut with Beard

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