15 Superb Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Men

Dreadlocks hairstyles are the best option for African American black men who got long hair. Men dreadlocks not only look cool but also gives a true hipster look that make you stand out from the crowd. So if you really want to do something unusually daring and fun with your hair the try dreadlocks.

You know there are limitless styling options with absolutely no barriers for men with long hair. Men dreadlocks have become so popular nowadays that you can easily notice different celebrities wearing it. Lil’ Wayne & Waka Flocka Flame are just the two names who brought revival in black men fashion with inspiring dreadlocks. Looking at them, does it make you curious as to where this unique hairstyle actually came from? It actually has its roots in Jamaican culture and religious ideology. Here we are sharing with you the best dreadlocks for men.

Men Dreadlock Hairstyles

You don’t have to worry about what length, type or texture of hair you possess in order to sport dreadlocks. Although it is easier for black people to achieve this hairstyle as their hair’s natural texture is such that it locks faster. Are you an artist, surfer, professor or simply a family guy? It just doesn’t matter! You can certainly wear this unique look no matter who you are. This look offers identity to just about everyone who got long hair.

With this hipster hairstyle, you have a chance to just hush and let your hairstyle do all the saying for you depending on the way you choose to style it. Exceptional and intricate dreadlock hairstyles can sometimes say a lot about you without you having to do the talking. If you are thinking of long and full dreadlocks, then that is the ultimate traditional style for African american men.

Dreadlocks will let you show off all the efforts made to  get this hairstyle including all the time you took to grow them and make them thick. They will showcases the ultimate quality locks. You can also go for curly dreadlocks if you got curly hair. Didn’t know about it? Yes you can curl your hair and create some awesome waves in them. Curling just gives them additional texture. It’s a fact that longer the dreadlock, the heavier it gets. You can lighten them up by styling them up in a man bun form.

You can even make up a combination of short dreads with faded sides showing off a whole spiked up look. If you are thinking of looking professional with your dreadlocks, a good idea would be to tie them up in a low ponytail hairstyle. If your setting lets you wear dreadlocks, then this could be it. Then there are color options for you too. You can give your locks double color tones to have an extra modern touch. These are just few ideas to style dreadlocks. You can definitely add your personal touch to it by exercising your own creativity.

You will definitely NOT dread wearing dreadlocks! Here are 15 best styling options for you to pick from. We are sure that at least one out of these 15 styles will suit your personality.

 1. Double tone dreadlocks

2 tone dreadlocks

2. Braided Style

braided dreadlocks

3. Curly Long Locks

curly dread locks

4. Jhonny Depp in pirates of the caribbean

jhonny depp's dreadlocks

5. Locks in a bun

locks in a bun

6. Long and thick with shaved sides

long locks

7. dreadlocks in a web

long lock web

8. Modern full hair dreadlocks.

modern full hair dreadlock

9. Bun hairstyle for black men

officially locked

10. Rough and thick in a pony tail

rough and thick locks

11. Ultimate hipster look
short and thick

12. Ruffled updo

ruffled updo

13. Simple and short dreadlocks

short dread locks

14. Short Stranded locks

stranded15. Thin tied up dreads

tied up dreadlocks

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