16 Killer Fohawk & Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Guys

Fohawk hairstyles have now also come to be better known as fauxhawk. It has been considered trendy since decades owing to its versatility and will continue to be among the voguish hairstyles in 2017 as well. The modern fauxhawk is a combination of fohawk  & fade that forms a cool fohawk fade hairstyle. It is much more popular than its parent version these days, the Mohawk hairstyle. So, If you are up for a sharp and edgy look, Fohawk fade is meant for you.

The Fohawk Fade Hairstyles

Fohawk fade hairstyles doesn’t feature a complete disconnect like Mohawk. You must have definitely noticed celebrities like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo sporting this hairstyle. Fohawk retains the hair on sides and back unlike a Mohawk in which hairs at the back and sides are completely shaved. The strip of hair left on top is kept longer which opens more room for styling it and manipulating it using gel, wax or pomade. The sides and back can be faded with #2 or #3 clipper & using your fingers and comb, you can style the top hair in spiky format. This forms the ultimate fohawk fade look.

In Faux Hawk hairstyle you don’t have to clip the hairs on the sides and back of head. All you have to do is just style them. However, you can also get the sides and back faded offering a gradual disconnect and making the strip of hair on the top more prominent. This result in the combination look that forms by combining the fohawk with fade haircut.

You will never get a chance to see anyone wearing Mohawk in a formal setting but you will definitely see someone with a Fohawk hairstyle. In today’s fast paced lives, who doesn’t want a hairstyle that mixes well with a formal gathering as well as an informal one! You can sport it at a family dinner party or even at a business meeting. You can wear Fohawk fade regardless you are young boy, teenager, man, college student or even a woman. Yes! Even woman wear this hairstyle.

If you happen to be someone who loves to change his hair style often, this can be the perfect hairstyle for you. You don’t have to bore yourself with the same style as it offer easy transformation since it doesn’t accompany fringes or bangs. You can carry on with the bit of transformation you need on and off. Also you get a variety of styling options with the ultimate fohawk hairstyle.

Here are some fohawk fade picks to help you bring some style in your life and that too with a POINT!

Trendy Fohawk & Fauxhawk Hairstyles

1. David Beckham’s Fohawk


2. Ultimate Boyish lookchanning faded fohawk

3. FauxHawk for Long Facecool Faux-Hawk

4. Simple and classy Korean styleDavid_Choi-_fohawk

5. Blond faded fohawkfaded faux hawk

6. Dry Spiky fohawk stylefauxhawk

7. Miguel Veloso’s fohawk lookFaux-Hawk-Guy-Haircuts

8. Zac Efron’s classy lookfaux-hawk-haircut

9. Fernando torres’s highlightsfernandotorresfauxhawkhair

10. Simple brushed forward lookfohawk with trimmed beard

11. High Fade hairstyle

Fohawk taper fade

12. Double tone look with light beardlayered-faux-hawk

13. Short fauxhawk with rough beardmatt-leblanc-hairstyle

14. The contemporary long fohawkmodern faux hawk

15. The Spiky gelled hairstylemodern fohawk inspiration

16 – Fauxhawk with shaved line

Fauxhawk with Shaved Line

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