10 Best George Clooney Hairstyles

George Clooney is a famous american actor and film maker who is very popular due to his salt & pepper hairstyles. He has won a number of awards  due to his extraordinary performance being an actor. George clooney haircut style is widely adopted by senior american citizens due to its simplicity appealing look. The short george clooney hairstyles are not only easy to adopt but also require very less maintenance.

So in this article we will be talking about George Clooney’s haircut and hairstyles who does exceptional justice with his naturally graying hair. His salt and pepper fine hair have definitely added to his hollywood appeal along with giving much attention to his image being a humanitarian and activist globally.

Let’s take a little swim through different hairstyles that George Clooney has sported over the years giving you some inspiration next time you go to a barber.  George Clooney has played the role of Dr. Doug Ross in the famous ER series that topped the list with 7.7 rating at Imdb. Through the entire series he wore the Caesar haircut named after the famous roman emperor, Julius Caesar. So that was one reason for wide popularity of caesar cut back in 2008-2010. In 2018 the haircut seems to be coming back in fashion. It’s a short & flexible haircut that’s perfect for summer season. Whether you are young boy or old man, it’s a perfect hairstyle if you are balding or have a common problem of hair fall or hair thinning. Caesar wore it for the very same reason, so why can’t you?

caesar cut

Then there is a classic George clooney hairstyle look. His classic style cut features a tapered hair length at neck line along with sideburns. It’s ideal if you are look for a no fuzz hairstyle. For this hairstyle you need to have damp hair and then mess them with a blow dryer for fuller look. Take some gel and finger comb it to get a messy spiky hairstyle.

Then we have seen George with a closely cropped hair. It is specifically best hairstyle for older men. You can also grow some facial hair for an extra decent look being an old man.  This George clooney hairstyle can make your narrow chin look wider, large ears look smaller and bring about the best style. Couple this look with a beard and you are good to go for a business meeting or causal function.

Now you have good idea of how he can pull off so many salt and pepper hairstyles. Let me just lay out some pictures of him instead of just carrying on with the talking. Here you go with some cool short George clooney haircut pictures doing the talking….

Top 10 George Clooney Hairstyles

comb over with thick facial hair

the short side swept
Salt and Pepper Look with Beard

trendy gray hair look
Cool George Clooney Hairstyles

 George Clooney Hairstyle George Clooney Short Classic Hairstyle

George Clooney films fight scene from "Burn After Reading"

the silver trademark look

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