The Hard Part Haircut

The hard part haircut is a special type of side part in which a disconnection is formed between the parted hair. The disconnection can be done with a shaved line or simply by scissor cutting. You can say it as a modern version of men’s side part hairstyles. The hard part can be combined with dozens of other hairstyles including undercut, pompadours, comb over, brushed, slicked back and fades.

The razor shaved line is the thing that adds beauty to the hard part haircut. The exact length and thickness of this line depend on your preference. In this article, we are sharing some cool options that must see before opting for this bold look. These photos will give you some creative ideas to style your hard part with perfection. Let’s go;

Men’s Hard Part Haircut 2017 Trends

  1. The Cristiano Ronaldo Part

Cristiano Ronaldo is very famous for the cool hairstyles he adopts. He wears hard part extremely well just like you see in below photo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hard Part2. Hard Part for Toddlers

Hardpart also suits well to toddlers and makes them look extra cute. The dual shaved line hard part for short hair is very easy to style and can be a good choice for kids.

Hard Part Haircut for Toddlers

3. Pompadour with Shaved Line

You can add shaved line to the classic pompadour to create a modern shaved line pompadour hairstyle. High fade is given on the sides while the top hairs are brushed to form a “pomp”.
Pompaodur with Shaved Line

4. Shaved Line Hairstyle for Boys

The beauty of hard part is that it suits well to men of almost all ages. Toddlers, young boys, adults, and even older men can go for this beautiful look. See how adorable this guy looks with a geometric cut.

Shaved Line with Fade5. Side-Swept Hairstyle with Buzzed Sides

Getting the sides trimmed up to the temples and sweeping the top hair to one side can help you to achieve this look. Make sure that you get a clear & visible shaved line to separate the top hair. Apply a small amount of hair product to style this look perfectly just like you see in below pic.

Side Swept Hairstyle with Shaved Sides6. Brushed Hairstyle with Texture

The hard part also works well for men with thick hair. Added texture further enhances the beauty of hard part haircut for medium length thick hair.

The Brushed Hairstyle for Men7. The Textured Curly Hard Part Look

Get low fade on sides and a short cropped textured top with razor shaved line to achieve this ultimate sexy look. Make sure that you apply the texture evenly to your beard and mustaches as well.

The Curly Hard Part with Beard8. Disconnected Pompadour Hairstyle

The disconnected haircut is a basic styling option for hard part and when combined with a pompadour, it forms an ultimate hipster hairstyle just like you see in below picture. You can get multiple shaved lines to form cool designs on both sides of the head. This look is very similar to pompadour mohawk hairstyle.

The Disconnected Pompadour Hairstyle9. The Geometric Hard Part Haircut

The geometric fade haircut is more common among African-American black men. But it doesn’t mean that others can not opt for this well-maintained look. The geometric hard part is an open choice for anyone to try.

The Geometric Cut10. Stylish High Fade Geometric Cut

Instead of straight shaved line, you can get a little bit curvature to further enhance the beauty of hard part. Also, the length of disconnection is reduced is this classy look.

The High Fade Geometric Cut11. The Long Comb Over Hairstyle

Comb over remained a popular choice of men for many years. This is a simple hard part hairstyle for long hair & previously we have shared a mega collection of the comb over fades for men.  Comb-over hairstyle with longer length hair is slightly difficult to manage but looks mind-blowing.

The Long Comb over hairstyle12. The Long Hard Part Haircut

This long fringe hairstyle requires shaved sides. The top hairs are little bit textured and fringes are left on the forehead to create a whole new contemporary look.

The Long Hard Part Haircut13. Modern Hard Part Hairstyle

Here comes another cool choice for professional guys. If you are going for a business meeting or formal meetup then this could be a nice hairstyle to wear.

The Modern Hard Part Haircut14. The Professional Comb Over Look

Let’s share another professional hard part haircut with completely faded sides and back. A good choice for college students as well as white-collar guys.

The Professional Comb Over Look15. Textured Quiff Hairstyle

If you want to further increase the beauty of quiff then get shaved lines on both sides of the head.  Have an ultimate hard part haircut just like you see in below image. You can style the top hair either in a pompadour or spiky format to look cool and dashing.

The Textured Quiff Hairstyle

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