High and Tight Haircut for Men 2018

High and tight haircut is a short military haircut that’s very popular among army personnels worldwide. Being a short haircut, it’s also becoming trendy among civilians especially during the summer season, young guys like to adopt shor high and tight haircut. It is also known as military cut.  Men serving the armed forces prefer to wear short haircuts that need almost no maintenance, look simple yet elegant. What can be better than a cool short men hairstyle like this! However, you don’t really have to need to serve the army to sport this hairstyle. If the summer heat is getting on your nerves, you can simply beat the heat in 2018 with such a stylish yet summer oriented high & tight haircut.

High and tight haircut is almost similar to undercut hairstyle but utilizes shorter clipper guards. In a high and tight haircut, the hairs on sides and back are clipped to less than 2mm in length and the hair on top are left a little longer between 5 to 10mm in length. If you keep the hair on top longer than 2 inches then it turns into undercut hairstyle. In military haircuts, the hair are nearly shaven at sides and back starting from the nape of the neck to the temples. This forms a very clear disconnected haircut with shaved or faded hair on sides and back of head. This hairstyle can make your face look really attractive by making your cheekbones and eyes a very dominant feature of your face.

You can also just completely shave the hair on sides and back with a razor. There are no set boundaries to style your hair on top. You could style the front hair in a pompadour manner, slick them back, style them in Ivy League format or side part it like in comb over or make other modifications that you like.

Military hairstyles could be your next summer look whether you are in military or a non-military man. It wouldn’t hurt to become a fashion commando leading the trends! Here are some picks for you…

Top 10 High and Tight Haircut Styles 2018

 1. Ben-Affleck- high and tight haircutBen-Affleck- high and tight haircut

2. Military cut with a hipster beard


3. High fade with thick beard

high and tight with hipster-beard

4. Short trimmed high and tight haircut


5. Fierce military hairstyle


6. Modern military haircut 2018

modern high-and-tight-haircut-hair-style

7. Neat military strip hairstyle


8. Hot high and tight hairstyle


9. Edgy military hairstyle


10. A celebrity high and hairstyle


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