25 Classy High Top Fade Haircut for Black Men

High top fade is a popular black men haircut that remained very popular among African American guys from 1986 to 1993. The fashion of this trendy hairstyle revived after 2000 when the famous black musicians, athletes and singers adopted it. It is also commonly known as flat top haircut because the final look shows flat hair on the top. The hair on the back and sides of head are kept very short while the top hairs are kept longer to form this alluring high top fade haircut.

Different types of fade haircuts were widely adopted by black men in the recent years including comb over fade, low fade and mohawk fade haircuts. The great NBAA players like Nerlens Noel and Norris Cole also supported high top fade haircut and that’s another reason for its popularity among African American black men.

For our readers who love to get such simple short faded haircuts, here we are presenting best high top fade haircuts for men.

10 Best High Top Fade Haircut for Black Men

1. The Textured Cut

This is a beautiful combination of high top fade and undercut hairstyles in which the hair on the sides and back are skin faded up to the bottom. The longer hair on top are textured with a water based pomade that gives an ultimate sleek look.

1 High top Fade Textured Haircut

2. The Curly High Top Fade

If you feel difficult to choose between low top fade and high top fade haircut, then this is a perfect choice for you. This haircut is specifically for black men with curly hair on top which are cut to medium length. Fades are given on the sides and back that diminishes around the nape of neck.

2 The Curly Top Look for Black Men

3. The High Fade Cut

The high fade looks best on men with long face just like you see in below flat top hairstyle. The top is styled with water based hair product while the sides are given high fade with a clear disconnection between beard and the haircut.

3 The High Fade Haircut for Black Men

4. High top Fade with Part

This modern African American hairstyle gives you confident look with a sense of style. A slight low fade is given on the sides with a touch of side part on the top hair that forms an impressive hairstyle for black men.

4 The Modern Suave Look for Black Men

5. The artistic Designs

First, the top hairs are separated from the center into two sections with varied heights. Stylish and artistic high top fade designs are made on the sides with scissors and razors that make it eye-catching.

5 The Artistic Haircut Designs for Men

6. Natural Fade Cut

You need to grow hair longer for this haircut as the hair on the back of head are not faded. A clear wavy line is made on the sides with razor that separates the high top from the faded sides. The remaining hair are trimmed with scissors to form an even surface on the top and back.

6 The Natural High Top Fade Cut for Black Men

7. High Top Zigzag Fade Haircut

A stylish hipster haircut that suits all men with triangular face shape. A quite longer height is given to the hair while the sides are fully faded with zigzags using razors. A perfect black flat top haircut choice for parties and functions.

7 High Top Fade Zig Zag Haircut 2017

8. The Twisted Locks Design

For boys, this haircut is a good choice as it looks funky and stylish at the same time. Although it takes time to style this high top fade with dreads but it’s totally worth it.  The geometric cut is given at the front while the sides & back are razor styled in two lines after giving a full fade. Short deadlocks are done on top for an edgy look.

8 The Twisted Locks Design for Black Men

9. Curly High Top Fade Cut

This modish black man haircut has been featured in the famous “Star Wars” Film. But you need to be bold enough if you plan to support this boyish haircut. A clean high fade cut is given on the sides up to maximum and a narrow strip of curly hairs is left on top. It is very close to the popular mohawk fade haircut for black men.

9 The Curly Top High Fade Haircut

10. The Modern Suave Pompadour Hairstyle

You would love to get old back to school haircut if you like pompadours.  It is basically a nice combination of classic pompadour hairstyles and modern high fade haircuts. In this retro haircut the hair on the front are kept longer while the length gradually decreases while moving towards back. Don’t forget to take print out of the image along with you if you plan to get this high top fade with curls.

10 The Pompadour High Fade Haircut Style for Guys

So, that’s all about our top collection of high fade cuts but wait, if you are looking for even more options then below gallery will help you out to have some more attractive options.

15 Extra High Fade Haircuts for Black Guys

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