The Hitler Youth Haircut – 15 Cool Nazi Haircut Styles for Men

Hitler Youth Haircut & Nazi Hairstyles: You might remember Hitler as being a dictator that cost the world nothing but two world wars. Apart from the bad reasons, he was different and that is why his style was something exemplary. There is a huge variety in this Nazi Haircut style and men can choose any vintage hairstyle look which might suit their mood or personality.

Undercut is one of the most popular Hitler hairstyle. Usually, the undercut hairstyle is when the hair on the middle of the head are long and are parted either on the sides or center. The rest of the hair which are on the side or on the back of the head are cut very short. The hairstyle has been popular in varied forms in all eras and in different parts of the world with the most notable men flaunting it all the way.

Following are some of the most popular looks of this hairstyle which show how differently and uniquely one can carry the “famous” or “infamous” Hitler youth haircut:

15 Popular Hitler Youth Haircut Styles for Men

  1. The First Attempt:

If it is your very first try with this hairstyle then you are sure to get this kind of look which you will be flaunting amongst the crowds. This is the most typical Nazi haircut appearance and will ensure that your new style is noted by the people as soon as they see you.

1 The First Attempt Hitler Youth Hairstyle

  1. Bearded Slid Back:

This is the one if you really want to scare the people off. As the Hitler youth hairstyle itself has become a style statement, therefore, it is not possible to create the same terror with it as once it used to have. If you want people to notice you and be very cautious in your surroundings then combine it with a thick, long, and bushy beard and let your rough side be evident.

2 Bearded Slick Back Hairstyle for Men 2016 Nazi Haircut

  1. Mutton Shops Side Sweep:

This one leaves no hair on your forehead making it clear and there is no considerable extension in the size of the middle hair and they are made to rest comfortably on either of the sides. It suits best to men with receding hairline.

3 Mutton Shops Side Sweep Nazi Haircut Style from Hitler

  1. Middle Part Undercut Hairstyle:

This Nazi haircut allows you to part your hair right from the middle. See this is one of the best parts about this hairstyle that you can do whatever you want to with your middle hair.

4 Middle Part Undercut Hitler Youth Hairstyle

  1. The Sexy Hitler Youth Haircut:

The hair on the top is styled with pomade making you an instant success with the opposite gender. This one is definitely more of a hipster style.

5 The Sexy Hitler Youth Haircut Style

  1. The Wavy Hitler Haircut:

If you have long hair and neither do you want to cut them nor want to go with the bangs on your forehead than this is the ideal style for you. The long and wavy hair can be combed towards the back to bring out an exciting look which can only be matched by a Hollywood actor.

6 The Wavy Hitler Youth Haircut Style for Men

  1. Tapered Flattop:

At the front, it is swept sideways whereas the hair at the back is shoved backward. One of the most genius Hitler youth hairstyle which can complement your own personal style.

7 Tapered Flat Top Hairstyle for Guys 2016

  1. The Smart Hitler Hairstyle:

This has to be the symbolic Hitler youth hairstyle which gives you nothing but a smart and cool look. If you think you look good with vintage hairstyles then this has to be the best one which you can flaunt.

8 The Smart Hitler Hairstyle for Guys 2016

  1. One Side Undercut:

The sides are faded in this Nazi haircut and the middle ones fall on either of them. The hair can pass for a bang with the kind of look that they bring while slicking on one of the sides.

9 One Side Undercut Hitler Youth Haircut

  1. Slicked Back Mid-Contour:

This haircut was very popular in Germany at the time of the Nazi’s because the military had it. Hipsters have made it possible to revive the mid-contour hairstyle which led to the ongoing popularity of slicked back mid-contour hairstyle.

10 Slicked Back Mid-Contour Haircut from Hitler

  1. The Office Haircut:

We see this hairstyle being sported by Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spiderman 2 which shows how well this one can gel in the corporate world. Are you one of those who have a 9 to 5 job and want a hairstyle that makes your personality more presentable in front of the clients and the bosses? This is the perfect kind of hairstyle for you. Combine this Nazi haircut with a beard of medium thickness and you will have your perfect office look.

11 Best Nazi Haircut for Men 2016

  1. Racing Blond with Bangs:

This one is perfect for the high school studs who want to impress the crowd with their presence. The overhead part slightly falls forward over the forehead and with the help of a gel, the hair is given a sturdy look.

12 Racing Blonde with Bangs - A cute Hitler Haircut

  1. The Smooth Undercut:

This one has a clear parting of the hair in a straight line. The lower sides are cut so that the upper end becomes more recognizable. The look is complete when it is combined with a clean shaven beard.

13 The Smooth Undercut Haircut from Hitler Youth

  1. Circular Heap:

In this Hitler youth hairstyle, a circular heap sits right in the middle of the head and the rest is bareness. A short bang can also be made on forehead for dashing look.

14 Circular Heap Hairstyle from Hitler Youth

  1. The Smooth Strata:

This Nazi haircut is clean on the back and the ears. The hair on the middle are combed with intense smoothness. The style is simple yet requires precision and is very catchy.

15 The Smooth Strata Hairstyle by Hitler

These Hitler youth hairstyles gain a top spot on the list and you can choose any of them. Given a few which are age specific and might not match the environment of your office. Apart from those few, the Nazi haircuts are suitable for all men no matter what age or profession they belong to.

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