20 Hot EMO Hairstyles for Guys 2017

Young boys and girls these days love to adopt EMO hairstyles. For those of you who are wondering what Emo hairstyles are, a little introduction wouldn’t hurt. Emo comes from the word ‘emotional’ which has its association in the blend of alternative music genre and punk rock. After all we are living in 2017 and things have slightly taken a turn today.

Emo hairstyles are not just meant for the music guys. It is rocked by people who like to remain trendy and into fashion. Did you know the Emo culture started in 1980s and have come a long way to 2017? The very popular punk music culture has seen loads of ups and downs, but regardless of that, it remains close to the hearts of girls and guys.

Who doesn’t want to look attractive and mysterious at the same time with a sprinkled up emotional charm.This is exactly the transition emo hairstyles for boys are going to bring in you. A variety of  new Emo hairstyles for long hair are getting trendy among girls in 2016. Here in this article we are going to share best collections for you.

What makes emo hairstyle really interesting is the fact that each distinct hairstyle gives different meaning to different people. It gives you a chance to show off your individualism more than anything else. Its also free of length restrictions because you can sport emo hairstyles for short hair, medium as well as long hair.

You will see some common features among different EMO hairstyles. By just following those key features, you can manipulate, design and get your own hair style. If you are planning on exercising the hidden creativity in you, then there are some basic things that you should  know regarding emo hairstyles. First off, be prepared for some hard work because they require serious grooming and maintenance.

One primary feature that you are likely to find in emo hairstyles is the bangs. It doesn’t matter which haircut you choose. Do tell your stylist that you want bangs too along with the type of haircut you want. You must have noticed emo guys having one eye covered with fringes. You can get it done by taking a thick section of hair on your crown and trims it so the bangs will hide half the forehead and one of your eyes.  Yet another way to style the EMO bangs is by shifting them to one side with side part. One very dominant characteristic of these bangs are that they are straight, sleek and look dashing.

Best EMO Hairstyle for men 2016


Hair color is yet another prominent feature. If you got naturally black hair then emo is going to be just perfect for you. However, emo is not as boring as having black base color. To make it more appealing, you can try streaks. You can use pink, green, blue or any other hair color that will be really prominent on your black locks. You can choose a few sections of hair to color or you can just dye the bangs and leave rest of the hair black. You can get all the hair colored or add partial highlights for an elegant look.

Go blue emo

You are highly mistaken if you think emo hairstyles cannot be worn on formal events. You just need to have some knowledge of how you are going to go about styling it. First of all crop the back hairs short if your office policy or the guidelines of a formal event is bothering you. Go for side swept bangs and swish the ends to the back of your ear. You are in for a formal killer look.

Emo hairstyles are no more limited to rock bands. It has seeped into the fashion world far beyond its initial association with rock and roll.

Here are some handpicked images you can check out to see which one suits your individuality best…

A Collection of Best EMO Hairstyles 2017

short and dark


purple rusty look

messy emo style

Long and sleek Emo Hair for Boys

Rocking Long-Bangs

dishevelled Emo-Layered-Cut

Blue spiked up

Cool razor cut

EMO Haircut for guys

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