How to Style Short Hair: A Complete Guide for Men

Short hair not only look cool and attractive but they are also very easy to style and maintain. Men get a lot of options to style short hairs in a variety of ways. In this article we are going to share with you the best short hairstyles as well as some quick ways for men to style short hair perfectly in unique styles.

Are you looking for replacement of your morning hair styling session with an extra half an hour’s kip? It is worth the bargain, especially if you are overworked. But who doesn’t like a bit more of sleep anyways. The easiest way to do this is by going for short hairs that take a lot lesser time to style. A short hairstyle works as a refresh button for your entire look and guess what? It comes so much cheaper than your gym subscription.

Here are some of the most voguish men’s short hairstyles looks you could go for this year & also some tips on how  to style short hair perfectly..

Men’s Short Hairstyles & Styling Tips

1. Well Defined Quiff

Quiff hairstyle has gone through different transitions for the past few years. It either goes small like a molehill or big like a mountain with a well defined cut. A textured short quiff hairstyle is perfect option for summer season & it suits almost all face shapes. It adds some depth to your hair by eliminating the too stuffy look. The hair on sides and back are cropped short while longer hair are kept on top.

How to style it: if you want to achieve this look, let your hairs on top remain longer while cutting the sides and back short. This will add grace to a casual look. To style it into a textured quiff, take hold of hairs at the side of the crown and twist the hair a little after pulling them up. One of the most recommended products in order to add volume to hair is the Kenra volume spray and sea salt spray. If you have a long face shape, you should try out a more angular quiff so that it doesn’t make your face look even more longer.

textured quiff for thick hair


quiff-hair-style with short sides


2. Side Parting with Undercut

Most of the vintage hairstyles find their roots in 1950s, side parting look is one of them. We have been seeing short side part hairstyles pretty much in the past few years and it will continue in 2016. This style blends extremely well with thick hair. It doesn’t matter if you are sporting a buzz cut or pompadour style. Every man has a natural parting with hairs either swept to the right or the left. It can be made even more dominant making a deeper side part which is faded with a bit of a undercut on one side and a fuller look on the other. This is a look that will definitely help you have a lot of eyes on you. When worn on shorter hair, it is an office appropriate look.

How to style it: to add more sophistication and grace, you can go for a wet look which you can achieve using two things: comb and strong hold Fudge Hair Gum. Get your hair swept to one side using a comb. For adding texture & vintage waves, sleek comb over happens to be a good choice. For more enigma, flip out some locks from your front hairs and let them  fall on your forehead.

undercut side part

skin fade undercut with sidepart

modern side-part with undercut

side parted undercut with beard

3. Military-licious

This is an extremely popular version of short hairstyles. Sides, back are really short compared to the hair on top. Ivy league, crew cut, and high and tight haircut are all included. This hairstyle never gets old and is here to stay forever. It is easy to maintain as well as style, but do remember that it is not suitable for square or round face shapes before you cut off your mane. You don’t want to look like a block right? It blends well with a structured face shape.

How to style it: Military cut styling requires American crew molding clay. You can even use a matte pomade in order to prevent your hair from looking all mushy and fluffy like hay. Rub the product between your fingers and pass your fingers in forward direction for a more formal look. You  can also push them backwards for a more casual look.

rocking military hairstyle

high and tight cut



So what’s your pick for 2016? Or you still want to stick to your old hairstyle in 2016?

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