Stunning Ivy League Haircut Ideas

Let’s welcome upcoming year 2017 with a new stunning style in Ivy League Haircut, and what is better than the classy gentleman’s haircut that is the Ivy League haircut. It is also referred to as the Princeton or Harvard Clip, named after 2 of the eight universities that make up the Ivy League collegiate athletic conference in the United States.

This haircut is a longer crew cut, which allows it to be styled in many different ways. You might be trying to find the one best suited for you, so without further ado here are the best 10 Ivy League Haircuts for 2017.

Top 10 IVY League Haircuts 2017

1 The Classic Look

The original Ivy League haircut is the most common variation, and it consists of the hair trimmed at the same length throughout the head. It gives an elegant look but in a youthful way. It works with either curly hair or with straight hair swept to the side.

1 Classic Ivy League Haircut Ideas 2017

2: Princeton with a Quiff

This one combines the Ivy League haircut’s length with the Quiff style, providing an attractive and intellectual look. With this cut, you get a bit longer top pushed to the side while the sides and back are kept short giving it a design that makes you stand out from the rest.

2 Ivy League haircut with a Quiff

3: Spiky Ivy League Cut

Spiky hair usually gives a juvenile vibe, but when properly combined with the Ivy League, it can show a more formal look with a hidden touch of personality. This one is perfect for those who don’t want to look too serious but accessible. The spikes need to be short and firm; here the hair products play a major role so hair wax or gel is recommended.

3 Spiky Ivy League Hairstyle for Boys

4:  The Wavy Combo

This one is the most freeing of the Ivy League haircuts; it’s simple, easy to style and gives a casual but not lazy appearance. When your hair is naturally wavy, it’s incredibly easy to make it look right, and this kind of haircut allows you just to give it a minor sweep to the side so you can look stunning.

4 Wavy Ivy League Haircut Ideas for Men

5: Ivy League Haircut for Curly Hair

Curly hair is just naturally attractive, but it is not easy to keep it under control and keeping it at an increased length will save you a lot of trouble when you’re late for work in the morning. You can maintain this haircut in check with some gel, but remember not to overdo it as curly hair is better the more natural it looks.

5 Curly Ivy League Haircut for Old Men

6: Vintage Side Swept Look

This one’s different from #2 because it uses more products to lower the hair’s volume. Do you want to look smart? Just side sweep it, this will also make you look more professional and have a classic vibe. This vintage haircut is an inspiration from the 1950’s hairstyles for men.

6 Side Swept Ivy League Haircut Ideas for Men

7:  The Professor’s Style

Perfect for a professional people, it’s very simple, and it can give you a serious look that demands respect. One of the pros is that you won’t require a lot of products to style it. A perfect haircut for senior citizens aging above 50.

7 The Professor Ivy League Hairstyle Look

8: Voluminous Boyish Look

Youthful and modern, one of the best IVY league haircuts you can get for 2017. Just beware, if your hair is not naturally voluminous or wavy, it can be hard to style.

8 Voluminous Ivy League Hairstyles for Boys 2017

9: The Modern Classy Look

This looks great, perfect length and styled. If you have no problem spending extra time to look beautiful, this is the one for you.

9 Classy Ivy League Haircut Ideas for Men 2017

10: The Caesar Ivy League Cut

This IVY league hairstyle combines the looks of both haircuts (Caesar cut and crew cut) to get a unique aspect that has a casual, serious and dominant appearance all in one place.

10. The Caesar Ivy League Haircut for Hipster Men

Let us know about your favorite Princeton IVY League Haircut in comments.

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