Latest Hairstyles for Round Faces Men

Round face is often characterized with round jaw lines, fuller cheeks, and almost equal width and height of the face. The best hairstyles for round faces men are the one that adds height to your face shape. It is often difficult to come up with a perfect hairstyle which would complement the round shape without drawing too much attention to the sides of the face. There are so many celebrities who have round faces and are carrying stylish haircuts perfectly well.

If you are struggling with the round face and want to come up with hairstyles which would give those soft jaw lines a sexy chiseled cut and those features an angular look then we would help you avoid.

Hairstyles for Round Face: Things to avoid

With round face, you wouldn’t want to go with a cut which would make your face look wider or hairstyles which would make the head shape more pronounced. Same goes for center parts and long hair since they add width to your face. Avoid buzz, straight fringe cuts as well. In short, the trick is to add volume without adding bulk. So go for the styles which would add height to your face.

Hairstyles Men can Rock Easily With Round Faces

One of the most common haircut for round faced men is the one where the sides are made shorter while retaining the length of the top. This way the face looks longer. Apart from this basic hairstyle for round faces men, there are so many other stylish options that you can choose from.

Rock those spikes

Well, spiky hair is your friend. Not only will they add height to your face but would also help draw attention away from the sides of your face. Niall Horan from the band one direction has been rocking it for a while now and so is Zac Efron.

Cool Spiky Hairstyles for Round Face Boys Modern Trendy Spiky Hairstyle for Guys Shaved Sided Spiky Hairstyle for Round Faces Men Zac Efron Spiky Hairstyle for Round Face Men

Shave the sides off

Another good idea is to shave the sides off and style the hair from the top. This gives you a lot of room to play in. You can either get them spiked, keep them long to gel them at the back, keep them to one side; there are just so many options that you can go with. This adds more angles to your face and helps define those features really well.

Attractive Shaved Sides Hairstyles for Round Faces Men Best Shaved Sides Hairstyle for Boys with Round Face Shape Shaved Sides Hairstyle for Men With Round Face

Slick hair for the men who can’t help but look cool

You can either slick your hair back or add a fringe to the sides, this style is really trending nowadays. It gives you a more masculine look. Ewan McGregor looks real sexy with his hair deep-parted to the side in an angular fashion.

Men's Slick Back Haircut for Round Faced Men Shaved Sides Slick Back Hairstyle for Round Face Slick Back Undercut Hairstyle for Men with Round Face

Short back and sides

Elijah Wood has been going with this round faced men’s hairstyle for a long time. It gives round faces a more pronounced feel and helps make the jaws look square. You can slick back, comb, spike up the hair on the top while keeping the ones on the sides and back smaller to add in more height.

Modern Short Sides Long Top Hairstyle for Men Short Sides Long Top Hairstyle for Men 2016 Short Sides Long top Hairstyle for Men Ultimate Short Sides Long Top Hairstyle for Men

There are so many options that you can go with even if you have a round face that makes you look rather cute than sexy. We hope the guide was of help to you. If you have something which you would like to add, don’t forget to mention it in the comments below.

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