25 Best Medium Haircuts for Thin Hair 2017

While short hairs may be everyone’s love, but going a little longer to medium length haircuts provides all the freedom in the world to manipulate it into various snazzy medium hairstyles. You wish to have a medium haircut, but you are worried because you have thin hair? Simply don’t! If thin hair closes one door, it opens many others in the world of stylish medium hairstyles. So if you got thin hair then don’t miss the chance & get some inspiration from these latest haircut styles.

Thin hair just means that you are left with less hair per area of scalp & facing hair loss problems. Each hair strand can be fine or thick, but the overall volume of hair is less. The best way to manage such hairs is by opting for a hairstyle that will cover the bald patches and receding hairlines. Some of the ways you can enhance the look of your limited hair is by adding more volume, shape and texture to it. Some medium hairstyles fulfill this purpose best while others don’t. So you have to choose carefully.

Whatever your reasons for thin hair, you can still rock hot and stylish medium haircuts. No, you don’t have to opt for only short hairstyles just because you have thin hair. We have geared up your arsenals by collecting  pictures of medium haircuts for thin hair.  You are bound to get your hands on a style that will work for you.

Having medium length hair on top and cropped back and sides serves as the basis for many medium haircuts meant for thin hair. What makes it so workable for thin hair? It offers more length for extra coverage that is much needed for your limited hair. You could use a light hold spray for styling and making them stay the way you want. With this as the foundation you can go for any trendy hairstyle. However, combination of slick back styles with matte hair products is a perfect choice. You can use a blow dryer to style your hair in the direction you want and keep your hair across, forward with bangs or slicked back.

Messy style is another perfect match for medium length haircuts length plus thin hairs. When your hairs are all disheveled, they roughly spread out in all directions covering up your whole scalp. To achieve a perfect look, keep your sides short and give way to good length on top and extra length to the hairs on the hairline. Layering your hair can simply be a plus since it adds more volume and texture.

Use a hair product with light hold and work your way through with you finger by pinching your hair randomly to add more texture. Pull up your hair from the front adding more volume. This is a great medium hairstyle for all kinds of face shapes. If you happen to have naturally wavy hairs, then you don’t even have to put much efforts to style it.

Messed up with copperish streaks

You don’t just need to have electrocuted spikes for an alluring look. A little curved one will do the trick making it stand out from the flat top hair styles. The shorter sides are neatly brushed softening the look as you go lower. You just need  a wide toothed comb and a good hair gel to work your way through your hair, adding extra texture. FirmFix Extra Strong Hold Styling Gel is an ideal hair product for this brushed up hairstyle.

brushed up

Using good hair products is the key for perfect styling of different short to medium length hairstyles. The Nioxin hair care products are specially designed for fine hairs. All you men with thin hair out there, Light up your world of hairstyles with these medium haircuts. Enjoy!

Cool Medium Haircuts for Thin Hair

Cool combover hair

cool swept forward

Edgy textured top

Free flowing style

high fade blown back

High fade pompadour


Long messy waves

Long quiff

medium length dishevelled look

Side parted with quiff

Side swept with thin hair

the ultimate vintage look


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